Title : Effective Allocation of IPTV Services Through Virtualization in Cloud

Authors : Tulasi Arjunappa,  Dorababu Sudarsa 

Title : A Review on Region Detection And Matching For Object Recognition

Authors : Manpreet Kaur1, Silky Narang2

Title : Trust Based Opportunistic Routing Protocol for VANET Communication

Authors : Mayuri Pophali1, Shraddha Mohod2, T.S.Yengantiwar3

Title : Dynamic Query Forms for Non-Relational Database Queries

Authors : S.BhaskaraNaik, B.VijayaBhaskar Reddy

Title : Detection and Prevention Of Black Hole Using Clustering In MANET Using Ns2

 Authors : Gurnam Singh, Gursewak Singh

Title : A Framework for Polarity Classification and Emotion Mining from Text

Authors : 1Sanjeev Dhawan, 2Kulvinder Singh, 3Vandana Khanchi

Title : A new automatic finite element mesh generation scheme of all quadrilaterals over an analytical curved surface by using parabolic arcs

Authors : H.T. Rathoda*, Bharath Rathodb, K.V.Vijayakumarc, K. Sugantha Devid

Title : Design and Development of a Filtration Tool for an Online Job Recruitment Portal

Authors : Ayangbekun, Oluwafemi J. 1, Yusuf, Maryam O.2

Title : Iris Segmentation & Recognition in Unconstrained Environment

Authors : Sonia* and Arpit Bansal**


Authors : K. Kala Bharathi

Title : Multiscale Modeling For Image Analysis of Brain Tumor Detection And Segmentation Using Histogram Thresholding

Authors : Vani Vijayarangan

Title : Adaptive Data Rate Oriented Speed and Capacity Based Vertical Handoff Algorithm

Authors : Apurva Agarwal1, Ravi Sankar Shukla2, Pradeep Kumar Keshwani3

Title : Performance Analysis and Study of Audio Watermarking Algorithms

Authors : Seethal Paul1, Sreelakshmi T.G2

Title : Data dissemination and effective Path Management on Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Tarun Mahajan1  Sheetal2

Title : A survey and comparative analysis on different algorithms for Blind Source Separation

Authors : Purnima Mittal

Title : Dynamic histogram equalization, PCA & MAX-DCT based multi-focus image fusion

Authors : Shivdeep kaur, Dr. Rajiv Mahajan

Title : A Review on Performance Improvement of Wireless System via Smart Antennas

Authors : Chander Shekher1, Preeti Gulati2


Authors : 1 Dr.K.Kungumaraj 2 J.Vijayabharathi

Title : Automatic Discovery of Personal Name Aliases from the Web Using Lexical Pattern-Based Approach

Authors : Ms. Trupti M. Marawar , Prof. Wyomesh Deepanker , Prof. Kailash Patel

Title : Extraction of text from images

Authors : Mamatha B S Chaithra B P

Title : Degradation of Keratinous Waste Products by Keratinolytic Bacteria Isolated from soil

Authors : Harison Masih and Sandeep Singh

Title : Multi-Level Encryption using SDES Key Generation Technique with Genetic Algorithm

Authors : S.Devi1, Dr.V.Palanisamy2

Title : Review of ALERT based on cryptography method

Authors : Kanmani.P1 Dr. Y.Kalpana2

Title : Comparative Study on Thresholding Techniques of Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) to De-noise Corrupted ECG Signal

Authors : Mitra DJ1, Shahjalal M2, Kiber MA3

Title : Interactive Disk Platform for Teaching Kinematics of Machines

Authors : Akande Theresa T1, Momoh John J2

Title : Concept Identification Using Markov Logic Network

Authors : K. Karthikeyan1, Dr. V. Karthikeyani2

Title : Marathi WordNet Development

Authors : Naik Ramesh Ram1, C. Namrata Mahender2

Title : Improvement in Divide and Conquer Scheme Using Relay Nodes

Authors : Archana Kumari, Vishal Walia, Rahul Malhotra

Title : Low Power Booth Multiplier Using Radix-4 Algorithm On FPGA

Authors : Prof. V. R. Raut 1, P. R. Loya2

Title : Memory Authentication using Soft PUFs

Authors : 1Sunil Devidas Bobade, 2Dr. Vijay Mankar

Title : A Novel Method for Classification of Lung Nodules as Benign and Malignant using Artificial Neural Network

Authors : Rohit B Kuravatti1, Sasidhar B2, Dr.Ramesh Babu D R3

Title : An Evaluation of the Arrangement Transmitter System by Direction of Arrival (DOA) Estimation

Authors : 1#Manish Kumar Goyal, 2# Prof. Puran Gour

Title : An Analysis of Wideband Phased Array Antenna System using with Micro strip Filter

Authors : 1#Rakesh Kumar  Sharma, 2# G. Kumar, 3# Braj Bihari Soni

Title : Comparison between NICE and NICE-1 Algorithms In Virtual network systems

Authors : P. Suganya1, G. Thailambal2, M. Umadevi3

Title : Depletion of Energy Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : S Himabindhu1, G Sateesh2

Title : BER of Wireless Mesh Networks- A Review

Authors : Kirti1, Prof. Jatinder Singh Saini2

Title : Secure Data hiding in Multi-level using Digital Invisible Ink based on Spread Spectrum Watermarking

Authors : T. Ezhil Sindhu, Guide - P. Sripriya

Title : The Nonmonotone Motion

Authors : Yu Han(韩雨)

Title : QBIC, MARS and VIPER: A Review on Content Based Image Retrieval Techniques

Authors : Amit Singla1 , Meenakshi Garg2

Title : Caesar Cipher Cryptographic Method Along With Bit-Manipulation to a Message to be encrypted and digest for RFID credit card security

Authors : Rohit Sharma, Dr. P.K. Singh

Title : Data Mining Approaches for Diabetes using Feature selection

Authors : Thangaraju P1, NancyBharathi G2

Title : Code controlling in DTN’s for progressive packet arrival dynamically

Authors : Uma Upadhya, Dr. Shubhangi D.C Rekha B Venkatapur

Title : Weight Optimization and FEA Analysis of Al-Si Metal Matrix Composite Drive Shaft

Authors : Bhimagoud Patil1, Fayaz Kandagal2, Vinoth M.A3

Title : Trust Understanding in Cloud and It’s Services

Authors : 1Sushil Malik, 2Shalini Singh, 3Jyoti Rajpoot,4Richa Parashar

Title : Comparative Study on Currency Recognition System Using Image Processing

Authors : S. Surya1, G. Thailambal2

Title : Performance Analysis of MFCC and LPCC Techniques in Automatic Speech Recognition

Authors : Dr.Mukesh RanaSaloni Miglani

Title : Character Recognition from Born Digital Images using Correlation

Authors : Soumya soman

Title : Conserve Energy by Optimally Executing Mobile Applications in Mobile device or Offloading to Cloud

Authors : Bhavatharini M G, Veena A, Thejas Chikkalingappa M G

Title : DWT Domain Data Encryption with Asymmetric key Cryptography

Authors : Miss. Snehal C.Dinde1,Dr.Mrs.Shubhangi B.Patil2

Title : Adaptive Constructive Algorithm for Artificial Neural Networks

Authors : Prof. (Ms) A. B. Shikalgar1, Prof. (Mrs) A. N. Mulla2, Prof. T. A. Mulla3

Title : Disaster Event Dectection Reporting System Development Using Tweet Analysis

Authors : Sunil.D.N, B.Pavan Kumar, P. Nirupama 

Title : Novel Resonant Pole Inverter for Brushless DC Motor Drive System using Fuzzy Logic controller

Authors : Gaurav Kumar Mishra, A.K Pandey

Title : A New Algorithm for QR Code Watermarking Technique For Digital Images Using Wavelet Transformation

Authors : Alikani Vijaya Durga,S Srividya

Title : A Novel Power Saving Framework for Emissive Displays Using Contrast Enhancement Based On Histogram Equalization

Authors : Geetha Manikya Prasad R,S Srividya 

Title : Wireless Sensor Network For Landslide Assessment

Authors : Mr.Sagar D. Solanki, Mr. Ankit Suthar

Title : A Review on Fingerprint Recoginition Technique Using Real Minutia Identification

Authors : Komal Sharma1, Vinod Kumar Singla2

Title : Development of a Computer-Based Test Platform with a FOSS

Authors : 1*P. O. Ajewole and 2J. J. Momoh

Title : Introducing Health Care Analytics for Cancer Treatment

Authors : Nitesh Dugar1, Surendra Yadav2

Title : Ternary wide-bandgap chalcogenides LiGaS2 and BaGa4S7 for the mid-IR

Authors : Rena J. Kasumova, G.A. Safarova, N.V. Kerimova

Title : Preserving Data Integrity and Public Auditing for Data Storage in Cloud Computing

Authors : M. Pavani1, D. Jayanarayana Reddy2, Dr. S.PremKumar3

Title : Ranking on Data Manifold with Sink Points

Authors : R.Kanimozhi, Dr. Y. Kalpana

Title : Car Number Plate Recognition System

Authors : Melba Lira D’souza1, Brenda Meena D’souza2

 Title : Survey on Cloud Computing In Health Care Systems

Authors : Sushma S.A1, Priyadarshini D.Kalewad2

Title : Security Issues in Health Care

Authors : Sonia K Savant, Prof. Aruna S. Nayak

Title : Data Security for Wireless Mesh Network Using Onion Routing Algorithm

Authors : Shruti Patil1, Suvarna Kanakaraddi2, Chetankumar Patil3

Title : Load Balancing In Clustered Network

Authors : 1Suwaathy Kayalvily. D , 2Mangayarkarasi. S

Title : A Review on Basic Principles of an E-Assessment System.

Authors : S.S. Vora1, S.A.Shinde2

Title : Image Compression Techniques Review: DCT, DWT, VQ and Fractal Compression

Authors : Mahinderpal Singh1, Meenakshi Garg2

Title : Robust Feature Based Automatic Text-Independent Gender Identification System Using Ergodic Hidden Markov Models(HMMs)

Authors : R. Rajeswara Rao*

Title : Study of Web Content Mining and Its Tools

Authors : Dr.P.Sujatha1, G.Thailambal2, R.Sheela Angalin Ruby3

Title : Tutorial review on existing image compression techniques

Authors : Bhavna Pancholi, Reena Shah, Mitul Modi

Title : Pyramid Based Image Fusion

Authors : Chhamman Sahu1, Raj Kumar Sahur2

Title : Regression Testingin Software Development

Authors : Jaidutt Tyagi, Bhumika Garg

Title : “The Advanced Prolong Montroller & Recording System” using Wireless, Distributed DAS Technology

Authors : Mr. Manesh V.Raut 1, Prof. Rupali S.Khule 2

Title : Optimization of Repeater Spacing in Optical Fiber Communication

Authors : Mr.Ashwin V. Goswami, Mr.Mayur Parmar

Title : A Review of Invisible Image Steganography Using Mid Band DCT Coefficients

Authors : Shinu1, Vijay Laxmi2 

Title : Hadoop – from where the journey of unstructured data begins

Authors : Mrs. R. K. Dixit, Sourabh Mahajan, Suyog Kandi. 

Title : Probabilistic Broadcasting based on Neighbor Coverage for CBR and VBR Traffic in MANET

Authors : Arathy O1, Binu Mathew2

Title : Extended Round Robin Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

Authors : Priyanka Gautam1, Rajiv Bansal2

Title : Highly Secure Invertible Data Embedding Scheme Using Histogram Shifting Method

Authors : Parvathy S1, Abubeker K M

Title : Fault Detection and Tolerant System (FDTS) for SaaS Layer in Cloud Computing

Authors : Shweta Jain1, Prof. Ashok Verma2, Prof. Rashween Kaur Saluja3

Title : A Review Paper on Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : Jamna Kaur1 , Rachna Rajput2

Title : A Review Paper On Web Page Ranking Algorithms

Authors : Seema Rani1 , Upasana Garg2

Title : CMOS Digital Based Technology for Static Power Reduction in Nanoscale Circuits

Authors : Srivnivas kolli

Title : Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transmission for Color Image Transmission in OFDM

Authors : Leman Kumar1, Yojana Yadav 2

Title : Efficient Routing in VANETs using Traffic Awareness

Authors : B. V. Visweswar Reddy1, Dr. P. Bhargavi2


Authors : Cheenu,  Aruna Tyagi,

Title : A Wheeling and Stearing based route reconstruction approach in congested MPLS network

Authors : Babita

Title : Various Techniques for Denoising EEG signal : A Review

Authors : Simranpreet Kaur1,Sheenam Malhotra 2





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