Title : Enhancement in the neighbor-based diskless checkpointing approach

Authors : Parase Dipali B1, Dr Mrs Apte S S2, Shegadar A R3

Title : Gender Recognization & Age Prediction

Authors : Mr. Raghvendra, Prof.Sandeep Sahu

Title : Online Identification Using RLS Algorithm and Kaczmarz’s Projection Algorithm for a Bioreactor Process

Authors : S.Sundari1, Alamelu Nachiappan2

Title : Detection & Prevention of Wormhole attack on AODV Protocol in Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETS)

Authors : Dimple Saharan

Title : Energy-based Controller with Optimization Tuning by Using Nelder-Mead Algorithm for Overhead Cranes

Authors : Nguyen Quang Hoang1,a) and Vu Van Khoa2,b)

Title : A Wireless LAN Protocol for Initial Access Authentication

Author : Sandhya K1, Nagaraju Rayapati2


Authors : T. Shanmugapriya1, K.Kalaiselvi2

Title : Presenting of executable model of the enterprise architecture in order to evaluate the reliability

Authors : Maryam Nazemi Ashani 1, Ali HarounAbadi 2, sayed Javad Mirabedini 3

Title : Reduction of ambiguity due to synonym and Homographs in Punjabi Language

Authors : Navdeep  Kaur1Vandana Pushe 2

Title : A novel approach to make NLP predictive and non-ambigious in Punjabi Language

Authors : Parneet Kaur1, Er.Vandana Pushe2

Title : Study of Public and Private Clouds in Indian Environment

Authors : Rakesh Patel , Mili Patel, Proff. Anupam R. Chaube


Title : Punjabi Speech Synthesis System For Android Mobile Phones

Authors : Jagmeet Kaur1, Parminder Singh2

Title : Stock Market Behavior Prediction Using Pattern Matching Approach

Authors : Prakash Kumar Sarangi, Birendra Kumar Nayak

Title : Spell Checking and Error Correcting System for text paragraphs written in Punjabi Language using Hybrid approach

Authors : Amanjot Kaur,* Dr. Paramjeet Singh, Dr. Shaveta Rani

Title : Interactive Pick and Place Robot Control using Image Processing Method

Authors : Mr. Raskar D. S.1, Prof. Mrs. Belagali P. P.2

Title : Review Based Entity Ranking using Fuzzy Logic Algorithmic Approach: Analysis

Authors : Pratik N. Kalamkar, Anupama G. Phakatkar

Title : Corner Defect Detection Based On Inverse Trigonometric Function Using Image of Square Ceramic Tiles

Authors : 1 Ravindra Singh 2Gyan Chand Yadav

Title : The Future Version of IP - IPV6

Authors : Mr. P Ravindra Mr. Dr.V.V.Krishna Mr. S.Srinivasulu 

Title : Usability Testing

Authors : Purnima Bindal1, Sonika Gupta2, Purnima Khurana3

Title : Wavelength Assignment in Optical WDM Optical Network

Authors : Mudasir Ali 1,Parminder Singh Saini2

Title : Analyze & Classify Intrusions to Detect Selective Measures to Optimize Intrusions in Virtual Network

Authors : K. Naveen Kumar1, Madan Pojala, P.Venkateswarlu Reddy3

Title : Design and implementation of dc motor speed control based on pic microcontroller

Authors : Snehlata Sanjay Thakare1, Prof.Santosh Kompelli2

Title : Eigenface Approach For The Recognition Of Face And Detection Of The Face

Authors : Er. Anup lal yadav, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Kavita

Title : Ideas for Some Improvement in A.C.O. On The Behalf Of Presently Working A.C.O.

Authors : Er. Anup lal yadav, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Kavita

Title : A Review of Various Encryption Techniques

Authors : Harshraj N. Shinde1, Aniruddha S. Raut2, Shubham R. Vidhale3, Rohit V. Sawant4, Vijay A. Kotkar5

Title : Search The Web Services Based On Qos Aware

Authors : 1Sudhakar Murugesan, 2Dorcas Boateng, 3 Nivash Thirunavukarasu

Title : Revised Reliable Algorithm with Results & Algorithm for Thinning Numeral Pattern

Authors : Er. Anup , Er. Sahil Verma,Dr. Kamal Sharma

Title : Comparative analysis of image quality assessment using HVS Based Model

Authors : Dr. Anil Panghal, Puja Chugh A.P

Title : Hyperspectral Image Classification Using SVM

Authors : CH. Bala subramanyam, G. Naga lakshmi

Title : Car Safety using CAN Module and Multi sensors

Authors : Prasad H. Kulkarni1 C.S. Patil2 R. R. Karhe3

Title : Design & Implementation of Binary Phase Shift Keying Demodulation through phase locked loop

Authors : Roopa.V1, R.Mallikarjuna Setty2

Title : Battery Capacity Management in Wireless Sensor Network Rechargeable Sensor Nodes

Authors : Mrs. Anasuya. N. Jadagerimath

Title : Cyborgs-Human + Machine= the Future Man

Authors : Surbhi gupta, Vikrant dewan

Title : Search Engine –A Demanding Advertising Tool

Authors : Jyoti Godara1 and Shilpa Sharma2

Title : Switching attacks in wireless networks using denial of service phenomenon

Authors : Srinivas Kolli, B. V. Srikanth, Dr.P.Venkateswarlu


Title : A Comprehensive Analysis of Cloud Computing Including Security Issues and Overview of Monitoring

Authors : Deepika Upadhyay1, Sanjay Silakari2, Uday Chourasia3

Title : Extended self destructing data system with data recovery

Authors : Vinayaka R H,   Dayananda P , Shwetha S

Title : A Review of Open Access Publication in Tanzania

Authors : Wasiwasi J. Mgonzo1, Zaipuna O. Yonah2

Title : Finger Vein Detection Combining Segmentation, Gabor Filter and Matched Filter

Authors : Amandeep kaur

Title : A Survey on Routing Protocols Using TCP Variants over MANETs

Authors : Manpreet Kaur1, Dr. Sandeep Singh Kang2

Title : A Metric Base Calaculation for Object Oriented Software Modularization Quality Measurement

Authors : 1 Ruchi Kulkarni, 2 Samidha Diwedi Sharma

Title : Mining High Utility Items from Transactional Databases-Useing Systolic Algorithm

Authors : C.Mamatha Devi1, M. Bhargavi2

Title : Review On:Metamaterials And Their Appliations

Authors : Isha Gupta1, Munish Rattan2, Ankita Tiwari3

Title : A Review On Software Testing In SDlC And Testing Tools

Authors : T.Amruthavalli*, S.MahaLAkshmi*, K.HariKrishnan*

Title : Solving Knapsack Problem Using Constraint Programming

Authors : Vaishali Cooner

Title : A Review of Various Gesture Recognition Techniques

Authors : Vaibhavi S. Gandhi1, Akshay A. Khond2, Sanket N. Raut3, Vaishali A. Thakur4,Shabnam S. Shaikh5

Title : Effect on Relaxation Time and Polarizability in Electric Field Induced Nucleation Processes

Authors : N. Singh* and R. S. Chauhan** 

Title : Radiation absorption effect on MHD, free convection, chemically reacting visco-elastic fluid past an oscillatory vertical porous plate in slip flow regime

Authors : M. C. Raju, B. Vidyasagar, S.V. K. Varma, S. Venkataramana

Title : MPLI: A Novel Modified Parametric Location Identification for AODV in MANET

Authors : Akash Karma, Jitendra Choudhary

Title : An Overview on Hybrid Cloud as an It Service Broker

Authors : P. Soumya Sree Laxmi

Title : Implementation of Personalized mobile search engine based on Ontology

Authors : Ms.Namrata G Kharate

Title : Identification Of Malnutrition With Use Of Supervised Datamining Techniques –Decision Trees And Artificial Neural Networks

Authors : D.Thangamani*  P.Sudha#

Title : CFD Analysis & Experimental Study on Heat Transfer Enhancement by various shapes of wings and Material with Forced Convection

Authors : 1 Snehal C. Kapse 2 Dr. R.R Arakerimath

Title : Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise from Digital Images

Authors : Sruthi Ignatious1 

Title : Security Aspects in WSN: Survey and Analysis

Authors : Swati Kakran1, Sunil Kumar2

Title : A Comprehensive Paper on Performance Analysis between AODV & DSDV Routing Protocol

Authors : Mr. Raj Kumar Singh, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Khare

Title : Preparation of silver nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation in liquid medium

Authors : Leena F.Hamza * & Dr.Issam M.Ibrahim*

Title : Survey on Linux Security and Vulnerabilities

Authors : Ashvini T. Dheshmukh1, Dr. Parikshit. N . Mahalle 2

Title : Review On: Fractal Antenna Design Geometries and Its Applications

Authors : Ankita Tiwari1, Dr. Munish Rattan2, Isha Gupta3

Title : Smart Home Implementation Using Data Mining

Authors : Gayatri D. Kulkarni1, Priyanka V. Gode2,Jadi Pratapreddy3,Madhura H. Deshmukh4,Nitin R. Talhar

Title : Enhanced Cluster Based Distributer Fault Tolerance Algorithm For Mobile Node In WSN

Authors : Avrinderpal Kaur 1, Er. Upasna Garg 2

Title : Modelling Reservoir Operation Using Multiple Regression & Artificial Neural Network

Authors : S.S.Khare1 ,  Dr. A.R.Gajbhiye2

Title : A Review of Load Balancing Algorithms for Cloud Computing

Authors : Dr.G.N.K.Sureshbabu1 and Dr.S.K.Srivatsa2

Title : Impact of Mobile Applications on Health Care Information System

Authors : R. Anand1, Dr. S. K. Srivatsa2

Title : 0.18um based 6T SRAM to Reduced Power

Authors : Mrs. J.N. Ingole 1, Miss. Poonam A. Mirge 2

Title : Detection of TCP/IP Covert Channel based on Naïve-Bayesian Classifier

Authors : Vibhor Kumar Vishnoi1, Sunil Kumar

Title : Classification of Human Action in a Controlled Environment

Authors : Asmeet Bhosale, Geetanjali Kale 

Title : Mapreduce & Comparison of HDFS And GFS

Authors : Ameya Daphalapurkar1, Manali Shimpi2, Priyal Newalkar

Title : Proficient Secret Transmission of Images And Message

Authors : 1S.Uma, 2V.Valarmathi 

Title : Defense Mechanism for Denial of Service Attack to UMTS Networks Using Sim-Less Devices

Authors : V. Palaniyappan #1, M.Duraipandian *2, K.Malarvizhi*3

Title : UW-Hybrid Architecture of Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Authors : Tanu Singh1, Manu Singh2


Title : Combination of Markov and MultiDamping Techniques for Web Page Ranking

Authors : Sandeep Nagpure

Title : Performance analysis of Neural Network Algorithms on Stock Market Forecasting

Authors : Manasi Shah, Nandana Prabhu, Jyothi Rao 

Title : License Plate Character Recognition

Authors : Rintu Tom1, Jinson Devis2

Title : New level of Security in ATM System Using Brain Fingerprinting

Authors : N.Geethanjali

Title : Study and Analysis of Edge Detection Techniques for Segmentation using Dental Radiograph

Authors : N.P.Ansingkar1,  M.G.Dhopeshwarkar2

Title : Diagnosis and Correction of tear in films with Optimization of Motion Estimation Technique

Authors : Jilfy James1, Jobi Jose2

Title : Survey of Visual Cryptography Schemes without Pixel Expansion

Authors : Asst. Prof. Jyoti Rao1, Dr. Vikram Patil2, Ms. Smita Patil3

Title : Improving Edge Based Color Constancy for Multiple Light Sources

Authors : Ancy Varghese1, Darsana Vijay2

Title : Direct Single Stage Power Converter (AC/DC).

Authors : Md. Jahid Hasan1, Pritam Dutta2, Md. Shafayet Ahmmad Khan3

Title : Fuzzy Logic Enforced Traffic Management for High Speed Networks

Authors : T. Hari1, P. Hemanth Kumar2

Title : Comparative Analysis of Secure and Energy Efficient routing protocols in Wireless sensor network

Authors : Amanpreet Kaur1, Dr. Sandeep Singh Kang2 

Title : Analysing Performance of Companding Technique For PAPR Reduction in OFDM System

Authors : Rikhee Ram1, Manoj Gabhel2


Title : New refined Model for Mechatronics design of solar differential drive mobile robotic platforms

Authors : Farhan A. Salem

Title : Modeling and Control Solutions for Mechatronics Design of Solar Battery Electric Vehicles

Authors : Farhan A. Salem1, Ali S. Alosaimy2

Title : Diabetes Prediction in Women Based On Soft Computing Techniques

Authors : S.Karthikeyeni, S.Saranya

Title : A Study of Existing Cross Site Scripting Detection and Prevention Techniques in Web Applications

Authors : Neha Gupta

Title : IPV6 SLAAC related secutiry issues and removal of those security issues

Authors : Priya Tayal

Title : Implementing Big Data Management on Grid Computing Environment

Author: Lawal Muhammad Aminu1

Title : Performance Evaluation of Secure Key Distribution Based on Quantum Mechanics Principles Over Free Space.

Authors : Lawal Muhammad Aminu





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