Title : Performance analysis of a newly designed three frame VAWT having cavity vanes

Authors : Ahmed Y. Qasim1*, G.A. Quadir2, Salih Hameed3, Waleed A. Obaid4 and Adel Abdalrahman Ziyed5

Title : Comparison of Control Algorithms for Shunt Active Filter for Harmonic Mitigation

Authors : Shaik Mohammad Bhasha 1 B. Lalitha2

Title : A Study on Wireless Sensor Network, Protocol, Application, Challenges

Authors : P.S.Sathish1, E.Annal Sheeba Rani2

Title : Enhanced Cluster Based Distributer Fault Tolerance Algorithm for Mobile Node in WSN

Authors : Avrinderpal Kaur 1, Er. Upasna Garg 2

Title : A Review on Color Image Fusion Techniques

Authors : Maninder Kaur* Er. Jyoti Rani

Title : Modified AODV for Detection and Recovery of Worm Hole Attack

Authors : Aarushi, Mr. Harish Bedi

Title : Decision Support System for Information Security in the Semantics of Bio- Medical Documents

Authors : Tadi Bhanu Venkata Pradeep

Title : Design and Implementation of Livestock Data Marts for a Web and Mobile-Based Decision Support System for Smallholder Livestock Keepers: Case Study of Tanzania

Authors : Bernard Mussa1*, Zaipuna Yonah1, Charles Tarimo2

Title : Improved Routing Performance in MANET Using Anonymity Algorithm

Authors : Ms. Kanchan P.Kamdi , Mr. Rahul Dhuture, Mr. G. Rajesh Babu

Title : A novel algorithm for sensing the digital signal in cognitive radio: Maximizing the spectrum utilization using the Bayesian approach

Authors : Saritha.N.sri T.Sarath Babu (PhD) 2

Title : A Novel Framework for Nanoscale Wireless Communications Using Minimum Energy Channel Codes

Authors : B.Swetha1 M. Devendra M.S, (Phd) 2

Title : Brain Tumor Extraction by K-Means Clustering Based On Morphological Image Processing

Authors : V.Sagar Anil Kumar (PG Scholar) 1   T.Chandra Sekhar Rao 2

Title : Application and Architecture Survey on Internet of Things

Authors : Bidyapati Thiyam1, Swathi B S2

Title : Analysis of Information Retrieval models

Authors : Bhavna Arora1, Abhinav Bhardwaj2

Title : Android Mobile Automation Framework

Authors : 1Pallavi Raut 2Satyaveer Tomar

Title : A Novel QR Code Watermarking In Digital Media Using DWT

Authors : Bhanuprakash V (PG Scholar) Muni Sekhar V

Title : Content Based Image Retrieval using User Interaction

Authors : Shubhangi Shirsath1, Nilesh Bhosle2

Title : A Survey on Data Mining Techniques In Business Intelligence

Authors : B.Sangameshwari1, P. Uma2

Title : Detection of Red Lesions and Hard Exudates in Color Fundus Images

Authors : Jyothis Jose1, Jinsa Kuruvilla2

Title : A new diskless checkpointing approach for handling multiple processor failures

Authors : Dipali B. Parase1, Dr. Mrs. S. S. Apte2

Title : FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Equalizer

Authors : 1Rupanjali Grover

Title : A Framework for Handoff Decision and Signal Selection Algorithms for Heterogeneous Network

Authors : A.  Bhuvaneswari1, E. George Dharma Prakash Raj2, J. Sangeetha3

Title : Design and development of shunt hybrid power filter for harmonic mitigation

Authors : Reena Meghwal

Title : Enhanced Modified model for safe driving using Embedded Automotive control systems

Authors : C.Divya, Amarendra Jadda

Title : FPGA Based Low Area Motion Estimation with BISCD Architecture

Authors : R.Pragathi, Dr. K.Babulu

Title : Improving Power Line Utilization and Performance With Facts Devices In Disturbed Power Systems

Authors : M. Siva Sankar1

Title : An Efficient certificate Revocation Method For Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Authors : Yogini R.Joshi1, Dr.Mrs.Sulabha Apte2

Title : Comparison and Performance Analysis of Proactive and Reactive Multicast Routing Protocols in Manets

Authors : Garima Sharma, Mukhwinder Kaur and Inderjeet khurana

Title : A Novel Method of Early prediction of Packet Delay for Mobile Nodes with modified constraint violation Detection Algorithm

Authors : K.Nithiya

Title : Improved Emotion Detection by Regression Algorithm with SURF Feature and SVM

Authors : Navdeep Kaur, Er. Varinderjit Kaur

Title : A Survey on Object Based Image Retrieval using Local and Global Features

Authors : Ami M Patel

Title : Hetertogenous Database Migration using ODTDM Supported with SAX and SDM algorithms

Authors : Priyanka Talole1, Mayur Talole2

Title : A Novel Approach To Enhance The Lifetime And Throughput Of Wireless Sensor Network Using Actor Nodes

Authors : 1Diksha Garg, 2Geetanjali Babbar

Title : Energy saving Mechanism in cloud computing by using multi core architecture

Authors : Shiva Chaudhry

Title : Urban Area Classification Using High Resolution Remote Sensing Data: A Hybrid Classification Approach

Authors : Kiran Bagade, Second Amol Vibhute, K.V. Kale

Title : Protecting AODV from Wormhole Attack in WSN

Authors : Harleen  kaur 1 , Neetu Gupta 2


Authors : Siddarth Kaul, Rajesh Saini 

Title : Cumulative Software Failures To Erp Systems

Authors : Siddarth Kaul

Title : Detecting Client Based HTTP Attacks on Web Proxy by Temporal and Spatial Locality Behavior and Protocol Modification

Authors : Jabin A

Title : A Survey of Requirement Engineering Practices in Software Development

Authors : Swathine.K1, Dr. J.KomalaLakshmi2

Title : Predict the Future Path based on Frequent Path Detection using Particle Swarm and Binary Bat Optimization Technique

Authors : M.SelviMohana1,Dr.B.Rosiline Jeetha2

Title : A Pragmatic Study of Malwares to Enrich Application for Self Defence

Authors : Sanket S.Deshpande 1, Prachetus H.Dindore 2, Shubham N.Munot 3, Prabhat kumar Prabhakar 4, Prof.Anuradha S.Deokar 5

Title : FPGA Implementation of Canny Edge Detection Algorithm

Authors : Ms. P.H. Pawar1, Prof. R. P. Patil2.

Title : Analytical Study of Cloud ERP and ERP

Authors : Rahul Pareek

Title : A new Data Embedding approach in digital images Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching

Authors : Dabbukottu Ajayulu1 P. Ravi Kiran2

Title : A Novel Approach for Channel Estimation In MIMO-OFDM System Using The Efficient Pilot Patterns

Authors : K. Siva Nagamma1, Smt. K. Udaya Kiran2

Title : PAPR Reduction for High-Data-Rate Through-Metal Control Network Applications Using Bit-Loaded

Authors : U.Divya Jyothi1, L.Lakshmi Prasanna Kumar2

Title : Comparison of Communication Algorithms on OTIS-HHC and OTIS-Ring Parallel Architectures

Authors : Abdul Hannan Akhtar1, Keny Thomas Lucas2

Title : Performance Evaluation of Low Power Dynamic Circuit Using Footed Diode Domino Logic

Authors : Monika Jain1, Dr. Subodh Wairya

Title : Task Scheduling of Special Types of Distributed Software in the Presence of Communication and Computation Faults

Authors : Kamal Sheel Mishra1, Anil Kumar Tripathi2

Title : Temporal Segmentation of Facial Behavior in Static Images Using HOG & Piecewise Linear SVM

Authors : Preeti Saraswat 1, Srikanth G 2

Title : Adaptive Rate Limiting Strategy To Defend Against Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks

Authors : Mrs.C.krishnaveni

Title : Energy Transmission Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review

Authors : Abha Kiran Rajpoot1, Anchal Gupta2, Shobhit Tripathi3, Vasudev Tiglani4

Title : AI Web-Based Agent for Banks

Authors : Nikhila Kamat1, Michelle D’cruz2, Carmelita Dabre3

Title : Combining Support Vector Machine Learning with the Discrete Wavelet Trannsform and Contourlet Transform in Image Compression

Authors : Neena Hulkoti

Title : Home Automation System Using Android and WiFi

Authors : Prof. R.S. Suryavanshi1, Kunal Khivensara2, Gulam Hussain3, Nitish Bansal4, Vikash Kumar5

Title : Controlling a Car Buggy Using a NIR Camera with Hand Gestures

Authors : Manish Bhutada, Meenakshi Raut, Mohammed Esoofally, Sanjyot Agureddy

Title : A Novel Image Retrieval Approach for Digital Images Based On Pseudo-Zernike Moment Invariants

Authors : P.Ramjee1, S Srividya2

Title : Compressing Land Images using Fractal Lossy Compression

Authors : Amandeep Kaur1, Vikas Wasson2


Authors : R.Suguna1, R.Ramya2 

Title : Explore Multidocument Text Clustering With Supervised And Unsupervised Constraints

Authors : V.Shanmugapriya1, S.Krishnaveni2

Title : Detecting the Car Number Plate Using Segmentation

Authors : V. Lakshmi Priya 1, K. Perumal2

Title : Face Recognition using Local Derivative Pattern Face Descriptor

Authors : Pranita R. Chavan1,  Dr. Dnyandeo J. Pete2

Title : Component-Based Development Technologies and Limitations

Authors : Jyotsna

Title :Performance Evaluation of Different Types of CMOS Operational Transconductance

Authors : Vijeta1, Dr. Subodh Wairya2

Title : Unwanted Message Filtering From OSN User Walls And Implementation Of Blacklist

Authors : Rakhi Bhardwaj1, Vikram Kale2, Prasad Morye2, Manoj Dhaygude2, Sagar Badhe2

Title : Cloud Computing And Virtualization: Trends And Technologies

Authors : Benjamin Ghansah1  , Benuwa Ben-Bright2 and Frank Kataka Banaseka3

Title : Efficient Data Transmission by Introducing Stuffing Bits in HUFFMAN Coding Technique

Authors : G. S. L. Alekhya, M. S. S. Bhargav, A. Narayana Kiran

Title : Taxonomy of Testing Techniques

Authors : Gautam Chaturvedi1, Shubha Chaturvedi2  ,Kiran Bhagnani3

Title : Implementation on Secure Routing Method for Detecting False Reports and Gray-hole Attacks along with Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Ms. Sneha M. Sakharkar 1, Prof. R. S. Mangrulkar 2

Title : Renewable Energy Sources (RES): An Overview with Indian Context

Authors : Mehebub Alam1, SK Mohammad Yasin2, Mandela Gain3, Saifuddin Mondal4

Title : Parallel Prefix Algorithm for OTIS-HHC Architecture

Authors : Abdul Hannan Akhtar1, Keny Thomas Lucas2

Title : Investigation of Water Balance at Catchment Scale using MIKE-SHE

Authors : Asadusjjaman Suman1 and Farnaz Akther2

Title : Comparison of Selective Harmonic Elimination And Space Vector PWM for Common-Mode Voltage Reduction in Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverters for Variable Speed Induction Drives

Authors : Gangadhara Swamy1, Nomula Ganesh2

Title : Controlled Single Switch Step down AC/DC Converter without Transformer

Authors : Arukonda Sathish1, T.Sarala.2

Title : A Review Paper on Data Embedding in Scrambled Digital Video for Data Security & Authentication

Authors : Jamna Kaur1 , Rachna Rajput2

Title : Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing with General Classification Time and Exponential Service (G/M/s)

Authors : R.Murugesan1, C.Elango2, S.Kannan3

Title : A Survey On Data Mining Research Trends

Authors : Dhanalakshmi.D1, Dr.J.KomalaLakshmi

Title : Design Recovery of Student Information Legacy System

Authors : 1Bello AlhajiBuhari, 2Abba Almu

Title : An Efficient Design of Parallel Pipelined FFT Architecture

Authors  : Serin Sera Paul1, Simy M Baby

Title : Performance Analysis of Image Compression Using DWT And WPT

Authors : V.Priya1, Dr.B.Ananthi2 

Title : Semantic Search Based Feature Subset Selection for Multi Dimensional Data

Authors : M. Srinu1, K. Aruna Bhaskar2 

Title : A Survey: Gene Selection Methods VIA Spectral Biclustering

Authors : Dr.V.Anuradha* P.Ramya ** 

Title : Variable Truncated Multiplier with Low Power

Authors : Athira Prasad1, Robin Abraham2

Title : Comparative Study of Hydrogen Adsorption on Alkali Metal Assisted Carbon-Nano Structured Materials

Authors : Darshan Habale1, Rita A. Gharde2

Title : Internet traffic classification using Hybrid Aggregated classifier and Neural Network

Authors : Ms. G. Rubadevi1, Mrs. R. Amsaveni2

Title : Efficient and Secure Node Recovery in Wireless Sensor and Actor Network Using Minimal Topology Changes

Authors : A. Kokilapriya1,G.Sophia Reena2

Title : Co-Channel Speech Separation by Cochlear Filtering And Binary Masking

Authors : Ligin George1, Lekshmi M.S2

Title : WPST Based Single Channel Speech Separation

Authors : Abhilash Surendran1, Lekshmi M S2

Title : Leveraging Hybrid Recommendation System In Insurance Domain

Authors : Sanghamitra Mitra, Nilendra Chaudhari , Bipin Patwardhan 

Title : Mobile cloud security a Survey

Authors : Lorence Oliver, Dr. Rajashree Shettar

Title : Performance Analysis of A 3*2 MIMO System For Fading Channel

Authors : Anvesh Nalluri, K Shashank Goud, Anirudh S, Davuluri Sai Teja, Chandu DS

Title : Survey on User Behavioral Search using the Auxiliary Information Mining

Authors : Pooja Awandkar, Amit Pimpalkar

Title : CBIR Approach Based On Combined HSV, Auto Correlogram, Color Moments and Gabor Wavelet

Authors : Amit Singla1, Meenakshi Garg2

Title : Image Compression with Neural Network

Authors : Mandeep Kaur1, Dr Vijay Laxmi2

Title : Implementation of a Zero-Voltage-Switching and Zero-Current-Switching Interleaved Boost and Buck Converter

Authors : Banoth Govind Nayak1, Harinath saggu.2

Title : Designing of Combinational Fractal Microstrip Patch Antenna using Iteration Methods

Authors : Dr. Yogesh Bhomia1, Dr. S.V.A.V. Prasad2, Pradeep Kumar3

Title : Data Mining Using PAFI

Authors : Omkar Pralhad Thakur1, Minakshi Pawar2

Title : Contentious News Article Categorization by Identifying Opponents

Authors : Pradip Patil, Prof. Srikant Lade





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