Title : Digital Signature Authentication for Android Smart Phones

Authors : Spandana.M1, Bhaskar.T2

Title : 3-Way Security for Packet Transmission

Authors : Mounika. B1, Kishan Rao2

Title : LCSiLEACH: LWZ Compressive Sensing Based iLEACH

Authors : Mandeep Kaur, Harmandeep Singh

Title : Enhancing Massive Data Analytics with the Hadoop Ecosystem

Authors : Misha Shetha*, Purna Mehtab, Khushali Deulkarc

Title : User Speech Recogintion and Voice Command based Reminder Service integrated with location based reminder using GPS technology

Authors : Parth Doshi, Kaustubh Sakhare, Priya Pandey, Punit Dholu, Prof. Rohini Agawane

Title : New Active Power Filter Topology for Grid Support and Harmonic Mitigation in Interconnecting Renewable Power Generation Systems

Authors : Maloth Laxman 1, Nomula Ganesh.2

Title : Gesture Recognition for 3D Human Computer Interface: A Review

Authors : Ramandeep Kaur1, Vijay Laxmi2

Title : Survey on Sentiment-Topic Detection from Text

Authors : Teenumol P D1, Jeena Joy2

Title : A Survey on Various Watermarking Techniques for Video Data Copyrighting

Authors : Sakshi Batra1 , Dr. Rajneesh Talwar2

Title : Decision Tree Based Denoising And Enhancement In Images

Authors : Remya P V1, Anoop T R2

Title : Performance Analysis of Optical Amplifiers

Authors : Anurag V. Patel, Prof. Mayur Parmar

Title : Approaches For Automated Detection And Classification Of Masses In Mammograms

Authors : C. Rekha1, G. Gayathri2

Title : Electronic-voting approach with an open cloud computing architecture

Authors : Mohan Reddy Palugulla

Title : On the Use of Side Information for Text Mining using Clustering and Classification Techniques-A Survey

Authors : Subamanikandan A1, Arulmurugan R2

Title : A Survey Of Cloud Computing Service and Security issues

Authors : Amit Kumar Jha,  Divakar Singh

Title : Three Phase Grid-Tied Single Stage Reconfigurable Solar Converter Controlled By SVPWM Technique

Authors : T Vasu, Sri.A.Hema Sekhar

Title : A Review on Evaluation of Digital Image Watermarking Techniques

Authors : Kamalpreet Kaur, Khushdeep Kaur

Title : Automatic Toll Gate Management And Vehicle Access Intelligent Control System Using Arm7 Microcontroller

Authors : M. Jyothirmai1, D. Prashanth2, J. Vamsikrishna3

Title : Utilization Of Statcom Control For Fsig-Based Wind Forms Under Asymmetrical Grid Faults

Authors : T Ananda, M.Lokanadham

Title : Improving Mystery For Information Protection In Cloud Computing

Authors : P.Sampath Kumar1, Dr. N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy2

Title : An Intelligent Transport Navigation And Vehicle Speed Monitoring System Using Arm9

Authors : K. Poornima Naga Jyothi1, D. Prashanth2, J. Vamsikrishna3

Title : Low Power Data Compression Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Networks Using Vhdl

Authors : K.Yamini1  K S N Raju2  K Miranji3

Title : Analysis of Single Frame Super Resolution Methods

Authors : Hardik Raval1 , Ashish Kothari2

Title : Iris Segmentation and Recognization Using Log Gabor Filter And Curvelet Transform

Authors : M.Jayanthi1, B.Shalini2

Title : Design of A High Throughput Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplier

Authors : Ashna Paul, Ms. Divya S

Title : Generic Test Automation and Keyword Driven Approach

Authors : Bhagyashree Bhondokar1, Pooja Ranawade2, Snehal Jadhav3, Mayuri Vibhute4

Title : Digital Image Steganography- Then, Now & Analysis of its Techniques

Authors : Pratik Shinde1, Amrita Palmal2,Rohan Singh3

Title : Automated Tool for Plant Leaf Classification Using Morphological Features

Authors : Aamod Chemburkar1, Anand Sartape2, Ajinkya Gawade3, Prasad Somawanshi

Title : Fingerprint Matching with Ridge Ends and Virtual Core Point using Enhanced Concentric Ring Algorithim

Authors : Gurpreet Singh1, Vinod Kumar3 

Title : Mixed DWT-DCT Approached Based Image Compression Technique

Authors : Mahinderpal Singh1, Meenakshi Garg

Title : Voltage Profile Improvement by STATCOM

Authors : Digambar Bhise1, Swapnil Sawalakhe2 

Title : Analysis of Supervised algorithm for Voice Query Classification

Authors : Amol Kamble 

Title : Spurious Minutia Removal Technique using Euclidean distance approach

Authors : Komal Sharma1, Rachna Rajput2

Title : A Novel and Hybrid Technique for Efficient Intrusion Classification

Authors : Richa Shivhare1, Sushil Chaturvedi2

Title : A Study on Semantic Web Languages and Technologies

Authors : Anthony Narzary, Gypsy Nandi

Title : Network Video Capture and Motion Detection Based On Embedded Linux with GSM Service

Authors : G.Mounisha1, J.Vamsikrishna2, D.Prashanth3

Title : Effect Of Flow Charestric On The Heat Transfer Performance Across Low-Finned Fin Banks

Authors : Seif A. Ahmed

Title : Evaluation of Fusion Methods: Pan-Sharpening Methods

Authors : Tanya Mathur1, Swati Chauhan2

Title : Color Constancy Techniques

Authors : Seema G. Kulkarni1, Prof. Snehal M.Kamalapur2 

Title : A Survey On Flower Image Retrieval Based On Saliency Map And Feature Extraction

Authors : Ashwin G. Parmar1, Mukti S. Pathak2

Title : A Comprehensive Review On Fuzzy Logic System

Authors : Patil Pallavi D.1 Prof Patel J. J2

Title : Entropy Reduction Based On K-Means Clustering And Neural Network/SVM Classifier

Authors : Parampreet Kaur1 ,  Mr. Sahil Vashist2,   Roopkamal Ahluwalia3,  Gagangeet Singh Aujla4 

Title : A New Design Of A Hybrid Encryption Algorithm

Authors : Jan Mohammad Najar1, Shahid Bashir Dar

Title : Gamma Distributions Model For The Breast Cancer Survival Data Using Maximum Likelihood Method

Authors : K. H. Khan1, M. Saleem

Title : Information-Theoretic Outlier Detection For Large_Scale Categorical Data

Authors : Jesica Fernandes1, Srijoni Saha2, Jasmine Faujdar3, Prof. Nitin Shivale4

Title : Controlled Bilateral Filter And Clahe Based Approach For Image Enhancement

Authors : Gursharn Singh1, Anand Kumar Mittal2

Title : HAPTICS TECHNOLOGY: (sense of touch)

Authors : Renuka M. Chimurkar, Vijay bagdi

Title : Study Of Fault Prediction Using Quad Tree Based K-Means Algorithm And Quad Tree Based EM Algorithm

Authors : Swapna M. Patil, R.V.Argiddi

Title : Cloud Computing: VM placement & Load Balancing

Authors : Adeel Hashmi

Title : A Literature Survey On Secure De-Duplication Using Convergent Encryption Key Management

Authors : Ms. Madhuri A. Kavade1, Prof. A.C.Lomte2

Title : Review of Histogram Equalization Techniques

Authors : Bindia Tarika, Manmeet Kaur, Inderjeet Singh

Title : An approach to Re-evaluate CERS method for News Mining

Authors : Swati Vashisht1, Dr. V. Bibhu2, Tushar sharma3, Smratika Sharma4

Title : Watermarking in Frequency Domain A Review

Authors : Shahid Bashir Dar1, Aasif Bashir Dar2

Title : Solutions to the Bargaining Problem

Authors : Saksham Kashyap, Dipit Malhotra

Title : A Service-oriented Architecture Based on Windows Communication foundation for Health Monitoring and Tracking

Authors : Maheep Sharma

Title : The analysis of distance variation on microstrip Broadband bow tie antenna (BBTA)

Authors : Shruti Taksali1, Suman Agrawal2

Title : A Novel Approach for Facial Expression Recognition Rate (FER) By Using Tensor Perceptual Color Framework

Authors : Voruganti Ravi Kumar1 Sk Subhan2 Devireddy Venkatarami Reddy3

Title : Contactless Hand Gesture Recognition System

Authors : Puja D. Kumbhare

Title : A New Topology for Speed control of Sensor less BLDC Motor with Reduced Commutator Switches and Improved Input Power Factor

Authors : G. Venu1, Dr. S. Tara Kalyani2

Title : GPS-GSM Based Advanced Tracking System

Authors : Sagar Chaudhari1, Prasad Khalane2, Santosh Korade3, Vinod Rechawade4, Prof. Seema Vanjire5

Title : Electronic Waste Study & Facts in Bihar

Authors : Dr. Umesh Kumar1, Dr. Ramesh Kumar3, Prof. Surendra Sharma4, Dr D N Singh5

Title : “Tap & Pay”Universal Transport Billing System Using RFID Smart Card

Authors : Ganesh Kalal1, Rohit Bisht 2, Mayur Tikar3 , Govind Yatnalkar4 , Dr. S.M.Chaware5

Title : A Block Based Novel Digital Video Watermarking Scheme Using DCT

Authors : Mohini Shinde, Sadhana Todkar, Pradnya Ubale

Title : High Security System Provided By Steganographic Technique Using Palm and Iris Scan

Authors : Minakshi Kumari, Prof. Somesh Kumar Dewangan

Title : A Novel Reference On Driving AThreePhase Brushless DC Motor With A New Matrix Converter

Authors : Thirumuru Sravya Saranya1, T.Ravi Kumar2, S.Sridhar3

 Title : New Inverter Topology for Grid Support and Harmonic Mitigation For Interconnecting Renewable Power Generation Systems

Authors : V.N.H.Kumar Bolisetti 1, T.Sandeep Kumar 2, D.Subbarao 3

Title : Energy Efficient Clustering Approach For Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Priyanka Tripathi, Prof. Rajni Dubey 

 Title : Basic Overview of Mobile Cloud Computing

Authors : Miss Pritee Ashok Rewatkar, Pof. Sonal Honale

Title : Cloud Computing-Overview

Authors : Sangita Mohite1, Priyadarshani Mali2


Title : FPGA Implementation of Binary Coded Decimal Digit Adder and Multiplier

Authors : Amruta Bhamburkar1

Title : Animated Pedagogical Agents: Face-to-Face Interaction in Interactive Learning Environments

Authors : Aanshi Varshney

Title : Implementation of Can and Zigbee Networks Based Industrial Monitoring and Control Applications On Arm 7 Processor

Authors : B.Tulasi Swathi1, D. Prashanth2, B. Kishore Babu3

Title : Identification Of Gender And Face Recognition Using Adaboost And SVM Classifier

Authors : Miss.P.Sasikala1, Miss.N.Nirosha2, Mr.E.Gurumoorthi3, Mrs.J.VijayaBarathi4

Title : Automated 3d-Image Extraction in Brain MRI Using Geometric Transformable Prototype

Authors : D Chamundeshwari 1, J Thirupathi 2, J Srinivas 3

Title : Transient Analysis of Unreliable Server MX/G/1 Queue with Bernoulli Vacation Schedule and Second Optional Repair under Controlled Admissibility Policy

Authors : Deepa Chauhan

Title : Matching Anonymized User Profiles In Mobile Social Networks

Authors : M. Harini1, M.Srilakshmi2, Dr. S.PremKumar3

Title : Directive Contrast based Medical Image Fusion Using DWT

Authors : Mr.Yogesh Bute1, Prof.V.N.Patil2

Title : Simulation and Analysis of 4 bit applications using 9T full adder

Authors : Maneesh Kumar Singh1, Rajeev Kumar2

Title : Intelligent Driver Assistance System using Image Processing

Authors : Amruta Kulkarni

Title : Dynamic Data Storage for Trustworthy Cloud

Authors : Prof. M.M.More, Mahesh R. Bhujbal, Ashitosh K. Chourasiya, Balwantsingh D. Chauhan, Pankaj D. Pawshe

Title : A Secured and Controlled Billing System by Agent for Cloud Computing Environment

Authors : Prof. M.M.More, Saurabh Amrutkar, Swati  Daundkar, Rohit Jagtap, Rasika Parge

Title : Wireless Data Acquisition And Transmission System Design Using Arm 9

Authors : N. Anjali1, D. Prashanth2, B. Kishore Babu3

Title : Implementation Aspects To Secure Criticaldatain Public Cloud Network Using Opnet Simulator

Authors : Kajal Singhai, Rajesh Kumar Chakrawarti





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