Title : A Review of Extraction of Image, Text-line and Keywords from Document Image

Authors : Sneha L. Bagadkar1, Dr. L. G. Malik 2 

Title : Design and Development of a Remote Monitoring and Maintenance of Solar Plant Supervisory System

Authors : R. Nagalakshmi1, B. Kishore Babu2, D. Prashanth3


Title : The Performance Analysis of OFDM-IDMA in Wireless Communication by Using an Iterative Sub-optimal Receiver Structure

Authors : Y.Sukanya1, K.Lakshmana Rao2

Title : Link Analysis in Relational Databases using Data Mining Techniques

Authors : Smita Shinde1, Amol Rajmane2 

Title : Using Educational Data Mining (EDM) to Prediction and Classify Students

Authors : Samira Talebi1,Ali Asghar Sayficar2

Title : T-Drive: Enhancing Driving Directions with Taxi Drivers’ Intelligence

Authors : Miss M.A. ShehnazBegum1 ,Miss N.Nalini2 ,Mrs.A.Angayarkanni3

Title : Rural Marketing in India: Challenges And Opportunities

Authors : Arshi Talwar, Shweta Popli, Sneha Gupta

Title : Basic Overview of Mobile Cloud Computing

Authors : Miss Pritee Ashok Rewatkar, Pof. Sonal Honale 

Title : Multiplex Data Transmission System over a Twisted Pair of Cable

Authors : N.B.Bhawarkar1, S.R. Sawalakhe2, S.B.Garde3, K.V.Tambatkar4

Title : A Novel Framework For Satillite Image Resolution Enhancement Using Wavelet-Domain Approach Based On Dt-Cwt And Nlm

Authors : K. Mehrajul Haq (Pg Scholar) 1 P. Jaya Rami Reddy M.Tech2 

Title : Toll collection and speed monitoring system using RFID

Authors : Yashavi Bhole1, Komal Binawade2, Rahul Bhosle3, Prof. Dhanashri Joshi4

Title :Simplified approach towards DES

Authors : Harshit Singh, Avineshwar Pratap Singh 

Title : Web Intelligence-An Emerging vertical of Artificial Intelligence

Authors : Rahul Pareek 

Title : An integrated system for an effective e-teaching-learning process

Authors : Chidozie Ifeanyi1,,AdesinaOmolayo2, Ayeni Joshua3

Title : Multiple Image Fusion Using Laplacian Pyramid

Authors : Sukhpreet Singh1, Rachna Rajput2

Title : DWT Based Hybrid Image Compression For Smooth Internet Transfers 

Authors : Reetinder Kaur

Title : A Study on Free Open Source Data mining Tools

Authors : K. Saravanapriya1 

Title : Energy Structure Theory and Energy Hinded Equation

Authors : Yu Han (Chinese name 韩雨) 

Title : An High Equipped Image Reconstruction Approach Based On Novel Bregman SR Algorithm Using Morphologic Regularization Technique

Authors : Billa Manasa1 (Pg Scholor), S. Vaishali2 M.Tech 

Title : Reliability Analysis of unreliable MX/G/1 Retrial Queue with Second Optional Service, Setup and Discouragement

Authors : Madhu Jain* and Deepa Chauhan**

Title : Providing Security Features to Android OS With Multiuser Facility

Authors : Sharad Gadhe1, Mayur Chaudhari2, Ajay Gaikwad3, Ajit Patil4, Pradnya Kasture5 

Title : Digital Image Processing based Detection of Brain Abnormality for Alzheimer’s disease

Authors : Dr. PSJ Kumar1, Mr. Anirban Saha2

Title : Rule Mining in Medical Domain Using Swarm based Techniques

Authors : Varinder Singh1 

Title : Hand Gesture for Controlling a Robotic Device using a Personal Computer

Authors : Shaumika S Rane, Srisakhi Sengupta ,Priyanka Kumari, Vishakha M Gandhi

Title : Improved Single Sign on Mechanism

Authors : 1Prof.Pankaj R.Chandre 2Kurhe Bhagwan Subhash 

Title : Review- Challenges in Face Authentication using Extended Principal Component Analysis

Authors : Samarjeet Powalkar, Prof. Moresh M.Mukhedkar

Title : A Survey on Sentiment Analysis And Summarization For Prediction

Authors : Vikrant Hole1, Mukta Takalikar2 

Title : Review on Big Data Security in Hadoop

Authors : Vijaykumar Patil1, Prof. Venkateshan N2 

Title : Review on Data merging and Data movement to accelerate Hadoop performance

Authors : Kishor Shinde1, Prof. Venkateshan N2 

Title : A Survey on Secure Reversible Data Hiding Techniques in Encrypted Images by Reserving Space In Advance

Authors : 1Anjaly Mohanachandran, 2Mary Linda P.A 

Title : A Survey on different approaches of CBIR and their combinations

Authors : Krishna N. Parekh, Mr. Narendra Limbad

Title : A Survey on Face Recognition and Facial Expression Identification

Authors : Ostawal Prachi Satish#, Prof.P.G.Salunke*   

Title : A survey on various summarization techniques

Authors : Divya Vidyadharan1, Anju CR2 

Title : Heat Generation and Chemical Reaction Effects On MHD Flow Over An Infinite Vertical Oscillating Porous Plate With Thermal Radiation 

Authors : B Lavanya1  S.Mohammed Ibrahim1 and A Leela Ratnam2 

Title : Creating a Knowledge Base by extracting Top-K lists from the web

Authors : Ramya.Y, K.Ramana Reddy

Title : A Review Paper on Collaborative Black Hole Attack in MANET

Authors : Barleen Shinh1, Manwinder Singh2 

Title : Data Integrity Proofs in Document Management System under Cloud with Multiple Storage

Authors : Ms. Payal P. Kilor1, Prof. Vijay B. Gadicha2 

Title : A Survey on CBIR Features Extraction Techniques

Authors : Jahnavi Shukla, Jignesh Vania

Title : Investigating the ways through evaluation practice in higher Education: the value of a learner’s need

Authors : Jasleen Kaur1, Anjali Bishnoi2

Title : Gender Recognition and Age-group Prediction: A Survey

Authors : Mr. Brajesh Patel1 Mr. Raghvendra2

Title : A Framework for Privacy Preserving Collaborative Data Mining

Authors : Gottipamula Padmavathi1, T.V. Ramanamma2

Title : Novel Approach for Predicting Performance Degradation in Cloud

Authors : Pritam Fulsoundar1, Rajesh Ingle2

Title : Survey of various query suggestion system

Authors : Prajakta Shinde1, Pranjali Joshi2

Title : Restoration of Historical Wall Paintings Using Improved Nearest Neighbour Algorithm

Authors : Sukhjeet Kaur, Amanpeert Kaur

Title : Cyber-bullying

Authors : Er. Anup Lal Yadav, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Kavita

Title : Discussion on Very Small Aperture Terminal Networks

Authors : Er. Anup Lal Yadav, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Kavita

Title : Design of Low Power 9T Full Adder Based 4*4 Wallace Tree Multiplier

Authors : R.Naveen1, K.Thanushkodi2, R.Preethi3, C.Saranya4 

Title : Utilization Of Recycled Demolition Concrete

Authors : R. Praba Rajathi, J. Jai kanth 

Title : Using Educational Data Mining(EDM)to Predictionand Classify Students

Authors : Samira Talebi1,Ali Asghar Sayficar2

Title : Multimedia Data Mining- A Survey

Authors : Anuraag Vikram Kate 1 Nikilav P V 2 Giriesh S3 Hari Prasath R S4 Naren J5 

Title : Optimized super pixel segmentation for natural image using lazy random walk algorithm

Authors : A. senthil kumari.P1, B kapalishwari.T2, C.tamilarasi.M3.

Title : A Literature Survey on performance evaluation of query processing on encrypted database 

Authors : Rajendra H. Rathod 1,Dr.C.A.Dhote 2 

Title :  Dual-Link Failure Resiliency through Backup Link Mutual Exclusion

Authors : Prof. C. M. Jadhav1, Prof. Amruta. R. Shegadar2, Prof. S. Shabade3 

Title : An Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval System for Sketches by Using PAM Algorithm

Authors : A. Ravi Kumar, A. Yuva Krishna

Title : Automatic Colour Mixing Machine using PLC 

Authors : Sachin S. Giri, Dr. M. J. Lengare

Title : An Optimize Mechanism for Multifunction Diagnosis of Kidneys by using Genetic Algorithm

Authors : Miss.Vaishali M. Sawale,  Prof. A.D. Chokhat 

Title : Development of Cognitive Architecture using Ambient and Swarm Intelligence for the Agents

Authors : Ashwini K, Dr M V Vijayakumar

Title : OpthoABM-An Intelligent Agent Based Model for Diagnosis of Ophthalmic Diseases

Authors : Falguni Ranadive1, Prof. Priyanka Sharma2

Title : Tracking Online Assessments through Information Visualization

Authors : Anusha.Y, T.Sudha Rani

Title : Latent Overlapped Fingerprint Matching Using Level-2 and Level-3 Features Refinement

Authors : Rajasekar .T 1, Uma Maheswari.N 2 

Title : Noise Power Spectrum for Transfer Press Machines

Authors : Shaikh Irfan1, Shaikh Y.H2 

Title : Face Recognition Using Image Processing Techniques: A Survey

Authors : Selvapriya.M 1, Dr.J.KomalaLakshmi 

Title : Proper Relay Reduction And Route Breakage Prediction In Blueooth Scatternet Scheduling

Authors : Suganya.K1, Mrs.A.Nirmala2 

Title : Detecting and Preventing Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks Using BOTNET Monitoring System

Authors : Manikandan 1, K. Manikanda Kumaran 2, S.Palanimurugan 3, S.Aravindan 4and S.Praveen Kumar 5

Title : Evaluating Effectiveness of 3D object picking algorithms in  Non immersive virtual world

Authors : Dr.M.Mohamed Sathik1, K.Merriliance2

Title : Reliable Techniques for Data Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : S.Lavanya1, Dr. S.Prakasm2 

Title : Preventing  Senstive Social Network Data By Using UINN Algorithm

Authors : 1Tummala Surya Padma, 2.B.Venkata Reddy 

Title : FIS for Edge detection based on the method of convolution and a mixture of Gaussian and triangular membership functions

Authors : Archana R Priyadarshini1 

Title : Metadata Construction Model for Web Videos: A Domain Specific Approach

Authors : Siddu P. Algur1, Prashant Bhat2*, Suraj Jain3 

Title : Evaluating the key findings of Image Fusion Techniques

Authors : Harkamal preet kaur1, Sunny Dhawan2 

Title : A Research Paper on Content Based Image Retrieval System using Improved SVM Technique

Authors : Deepu Rani, Monica Goyal

Title : An Efficient Technique for Parallel CRC Generation

Authors : CH. Janakiram, K.N.H.Srinivas


Title : Duplicate Detection Algorithm In Hierarchical Data Using Efficient And Effective Network Pruning Algorithm: Survey

Authors : Ashwini G Rathod1,Vinod S Wadne2 

Title : A Survey on Dynamic Load Balancing Strategies for A Distributed Computer System

Authors : 1B.Srimathi, 2Dr.M.Ravindran 

Title : Tree Detection for Urban Environment Using Watershed Segmentation

Authors : Priyanka Garg1, Mukesh Rawat2 





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