Title : Proficient Techniques For The Enhancement Of Horizontal Aggregations In SQL

Author(s): V Prasanti Parimala1, R  Praveen Kumar2

Title : A Real Time Automatic License Plate Recognition Using Optical Character Recognition

Author(s): R. Ramachandran, R. Manivannan, R. Ramachandiran, N. Balachandar

Title : A Novel Combination of Encryption and Compression for Privacy Protection by Using BTC

Author(s): 1 Kancharla Murali, 2 Mr.B.Vishnu Vardhan 


Author(s): Prof. Kalpavi C Y, Prof. Manasa.B.T 

Title : An Advanced BIST Architecture with Low Power LBIST and BDS Oriented March Algorithm for Intra Word Coupling Faults

Author(s): P.Ananda Babu1, Jagadeesh Samudrala2 

Title : Optimization Techniques For High Performance Content Downloading And Data Access In Vehicular Networks

Author(s): R. M. Kadwe1, Pradnya Kamble2, Yogesh Bhute3

Title : Capacity Analysis of MIMO Technology 

Author(s): Yamini Devlal1 ,Mrs. Meenakshi Awasthi2  

Title : Next Generation Networks (NGN) Billing and Charging System

Author(s): Amir Ahmed Omer Yousif

Title : Enhancement of SMAC Using Clustering Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Author(s): Pooja Rani 1, Manoj Kumar Sah 2  Anil Kumar 3

Title : A Survey Paper on "Effective Navigation in Website

Author(s): Payal R. Potarkar1, Mayuresh A. Hedao2, Prasad M. Dandhare3 Samiksha D. Nakade4,Pradnya B.Kamble5,Vrushali S. Bhusari6  

Title : To Improve the Power Quality by Varying the Block Parameter (KP, Ki, Kd)

Author(s): Randeep Singh Chib1, Yuvraj Singh2 , Sandeep Singh3 , Rakesh Gupta4

Title : A Review on Automatic Speech Recognition System

Author(s): Dr. Mukesh Rana[1] , Er. Saloni[2], 

Title : Android App for Meter Reading

Author(s): Jameer Kotwal1, Snehal Pawar2, Shraddha Pansare3,Madhura Khopade4, Pratibha Mahalunkar5

Title : Resilient modulus of different asphalt mixtures of varying bitumen content by performing Creep test using UTM-5P

Author(s): Muhammad Hussain1, Rana Faisal Tufail2, Kashif Riaz3, Sohaib Naseer4, 

Title : To Study the Wireless Sensor Networks, Architecture and Design Issues Related To WSN

Author(s): Sandeep Singh1, Yuvraj Singh2, Randeep Singh Chib3, Rakesh Gupta4 

Title : Introduction to technique of Soft Computing: Artificial Neural Networks

Author(s): Prof D.P.Salapurkar 

Title : An Overview of Load balancing Techniques in Cloud Computing Environments

Author(s): Bhatt Hirenkumar .H, Prof. Hitesh  A. Bheda 

Title : Secure Geographic Routing Hybrid Approach For Void Resolution In Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Shishir Patra1 Jajati Mallick2

Title : Solar Radiation Prediction with Single Diode Photovoltaic Module

Author(s): T.Pearson1, S.Bhuvaneswari2, S.Abish Samuel3 

Title : Cancelable Template Generation Based On Imrpoved Quality Fingerrint Image For Person Authentication

Author(s): Janani.B, Dr. N. Radha

Title : Advance Resistor Value Calculator with MATLAB

Author(s): Heera Lal Bhadrecha1, Praveen Kumar Sharma2 

Title : The Concept of Time and Space on the Internet Analyzed through the Pseudonymous  

Author(s): Marcienne Martin1 

Title : Deciphering The Prominent Security Tools Ofkali Linux

Author(s): Talatam.Durga Rao1, Vankayalapati.Sai Madhav2 and Konduri.Sai Ram Kiran3 

Title : An Improved Steganography Technique of LSB Substitution Method

Author(s): 1Neha Jain, 2Sudhir Goswami

Title : Migration to Next Generation IP Network 

Author(s): Amir Ahmed Omer Yousif, Dr. Hamid Abbas Ali, UofK, Prof. Sami M. Sharif, UofK


Title : Privacy Preserving Public Auditing and Recovery Using Backup & Restore Method for Secure Cloud Storage

Author(s): 1Priya Rupeja ,  2 Prof. Kalyani Waghmare

Title : Closed loop control of curing process using Lab VIEW

Author(s): Mrs. V. Radhika1, V.P. Priyadharshini2, B. Shibila3, V. Varsha4 

Title : Data Cleaning System to Handle Noisy Data 

Author(s): A.F.Elgamal 

Title : Innovation and Knowledge Cluster in 21st century: An Economic Manifesto for e-Learning Future 

Author(s): Sudhir Kumar Sharma1, Vandana Lama2, Nidhi Goyal3

Title : Farm Monitoring Mobile Robot Speed Controlled of DC Motor Driver System Using PID Controller.

Author(s): 1 Namdev K.Barhate, 2 Krishana S.Ingle  

Title : Development of a Timed Coloured Petri Nets Model for Health Centre Patient Care Flow Processes

Author(s): R. A.Ganiyu1, S. O. Olabiyisi2, T. A. Badmus3, O. Y. Akingbade4

Title : Evolution of Hand Gesture Recognition : A Review

Author(s): Praveen Kumar Sharma1, Shreya Sharma2 

Title : Double Threshold Based Load Balancing Approach by Using VM Migration for the Cloud Computing Environment 

Author(s): Rajyashree1, Vineet Richhariya2 

Title : Predicting Student Performance Using MapReduce 

Author(s): Dr. N. Tajunisha1, M. Anjali2 

Title : A Review on Distributed Application Processing Framework – Clone Cloud

Author(s): Lect. Prajakta R. Mali1, Lect. Gayatri D. Naik2 

Title : Retrieving Of Images Using Pseudo Zernike Moments

Author(s): Nasreen (Pg Scholar) 1 K.Durga Prasad M.Tech 2 

Title : A Configurable Bus-Tracer For Errorreproduction In Post-Silicon Validation

Author(s): E.Deepthi, Cha.Swamy, S.Prabhakar

Title : Achieving MAC Fairness Using Binary Exponential Backoff (BEB) Algorithm in Wireless Adhoc Network

Author(s): Varsha Pandey1, Mr. Neelmani Verma2, Mr. Deepak Kumar Xaxa3, Devendra Kumar4

Title : Improving Security and Reduce Overhead in Mobile Health Monitoring

Author(s): Dr.N.Tajunisha1, V.Archana2


Title : Survey on Different types of Neural Network Techniques to Classify Human Face

Author(s): 1Mr.Akshay Patil, 2Mr.Saurabh Wagh, 2Mr.Abhishek Sahay


Title : ECC Based Prevention for Side Channel Attack: A Survey

Author(s): Miss. Anuja S. Deoghare , K. N. Hande 

Title : A brief study on different operating system

Author(s): Poonam Singh, Shweta Yadav, Savita Agrawal

Title : iOS Based Multipurpose Application for Task Scheduling with Voice Command Handling 

Author(s): Pratik R. Sardar, Prof. R. A. Kulkarni, Prof. S. M. Kolekar

Title : Constructing Horizontal layout and Clustering Horizontal layout by applying Fuzzy Concepts for Data mining Reasoning

Author(s): Kalluri N V Satya Naresh,  Divya Vani .Y 

Title : Maximum Power Point Tracking System for Wind Generator Using MATLAB.

Author(s): MR. Krishnat R. Dubal, Mr. dattatray S. Chavan 

Title : Embedded Based System for the Fruit Quality Management Using PIC Micro Controller

Author(s): J.Ramprabhu1, S.Nandhini2 

Title : Evaluation of Network Performance Using Upper Threshold RED 

Author(s): 1Jai Mungi,  2Prof. Aishwarya Mishra 

Title : An Intrusion Detection System Based On Support Vector Machine  Using Hierarchical Clustering And Genetic Algorithm 

Author(s): Minakshi Bisen1, Amit Dubey2 

Title : A Survey on Different Methods for Hiding Information behind an Image 

Author(s): Deepali G. Singhavi1, Dr. P. N. Chatur2

Title : Mining Educational Data for Predicting Higher Secondary School Student’s Grade Using ID3 Algorithm

Author(s): Nirmala Devi.R1 , Deepa.R2,  Kalaiarasi. P 3

Title : A Novel Fusion Approach by Non-Sub Sampled Contourlet Transform

Author(s): Patil. Sujatha 1 N.Nagaraja Kumar 2 

Title : Context-Aware Approach for enhancing security and privacy of RFID 

Author(s): Lect. Nisha R. Wartha1, Prof. Vaishali Londhe2 

Title : To propose a new algorithm for improving software architecture with clustering algorithm 

Author(s): Jyoti Godara1 and Shilpa Sharma2 

Title : Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Based On Noise Reduction Using Partial Reference

Author(s): Somabattini Venkata Nagaraju, Ch.Ramesh 

Title : Examplar Based Inpainting Mechanism Based On Sr Algorithm

Author(s): Kodi.Meena, Ch.Ramesh  

Title : A Review On Palmprint Recognition Using Features From Principle Lines

Author(s): Ramandeep Kaur1, Meenakshi Garg2 

Title : Review on Xml Tree Pattern Matching Using Holistic Algorithms

Author(s): Miss. Bharti D. Wanjari1 Professor Mr. Kapil N. Hande 2 

Title : Review on Performance of MANET Using Different Routing Algorithm

Author(s): Miss. Bobby R. Sarode1, Professor A. A. Nikose2 

Title : Scalable Push Pull architecture for retrieving student information request and response with data wrappers

Author(s): J.Saravanesh1, Dr.E.Ramaraj2,

Title : A Survey of Various Scheduling Algorithms and types of Resources Provisioning in Cloud Environment

Author(s): Jeni Patel1, Asst.Prof.Jignesh Prajapati2, 

Title : Introduction of “Internet of Things” its Application and Challenges

Author(s): Dr. Vikash K Singh, Devendra Singh Kushwaha, Shaibya Singh, Sonal Sharma 

Title : Data Privacy in Multi Cloud Environment using Third Party Key Providence in Public Clouds

Author(s): S.V Satish Kumar Reddy1, K.Narayana2.

Title : Integration of Wireless Network in WiMAX and Wi-Fi Wireless Technology Communication

Author(s): Lekh Raj1, Sata Nand2, Manoj Kumar3, Ravinder Mohan Jindal4, Leekha Jindal5 

Title : A Novel And Improved Technique For Clustering Uncertain Data

Author(s): Vandana Dubey1, Mrs A A Nikose2

Title : Improved Energy Consumption and Resource Utilization through Sensor Virtualization in Smart home 

Author(s): Ms.Monali G.Sonule, Prof.Swati Nikam 

Title : Cab Tracking And Personal Security System

Author(s): Aditya Sisode1, PallaviPalande2,Vinay Puranik3, KunalPurandare4, Rahul Akhouri5 

Title : Automation of Electricity Management

Author(s): Sayali Gore1, Anmol Bhegade2 , Priyanka Dhaybar3 

Title : Analysis and Simulation of Orthogonal UWB Pulse for Modulation Scheme and Transmission

Author(s): Suvarna R. Patil1, Vishal Raskar2 

Title : Enhancing Information Management System performance by specializing the concept of Indexing

Author(s): A. S. Dhanadhya1, Dr. P. N. Chatur2 

Title : Search Results Clustering using TF-IDF Based Apriori Approach: A Survey Paper

Author(s): Hetal C. Chaudhari1, K. P.Wagh2 and P.N.Chatur3 

Title : Different Methods of Classification of DocumentsA Survey Paper

Author(s): Sneha K.Dehankar1, K. P.Wagh2 and P.N.Chatur3 

Title : Identity Based Secured Distributed Data Storage Schemes

Author(s): Dhanshri Patil, Tejal Pardeshi1, Nikita Mane2, Akshaykumar Thakur3 


Title : A Compressive Survey on Active and Passive Methods for Image Forgery Detection

Author(s): Nikhilkumar P. Joglekar1,  Dr. P. N. Chatur2


Title : An Application Deployment to Openshift Cloud Using Existing Git Repository From Local Client

Author(s): Mr. Nishant Kumar1, Dr. Mayank Aggrawal2, Dr. Raj Kumar3, Mr. Spandan Singh4, Mr. Chirag Goel4 

Title : Single-Stage Reconfigurable Solar Converter for Grid-Linked System by using a fuzzy logic

Author(s): Reena Jain1, Neelesh Kumar2 

Title : Passive Optical LAN as an emerging LAN Architecture

Author(s): Shubha Chaturvedi 1, Gautam Chaturvedi 2,

Title : Software Testing as a Service (STaaS) using Cloud Computing

Author(s): Khushwant Virdi1 Radhika Kalyan2 Navjot Kaur3 

Title : Software Project Risk Assessment based on Neuro-Fuzzy Technique

Author(s): S. W. Jadhao1, Prof. R. V. Mante 2, Dr. P. N. Chatur3 

Title : IVR System for three phase motor protection, Control and Alert system using GSM

Author(s): Wani Suraj R1, Ghaywat Vivek V2, Naik Akshay D3, Mandlik Sachin B4 

Title : A Study on Mobile Networks and 3d Self-Deployment Algorithm

Author(s): Muskan Sharma   



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