Title : Automation of Electricity Management

Author(s):  Sayali Gore1, Anmol Bhegade2 , Priyanka Dhaybar3

Title : A Data Mining Approach To Insurance Risk Analysis

Author(s):  Akinsola Adeniyi F1, Sokunbi M.A2, Lawal .O.N3, Okikiola F.M4 

Title : Survey of SMS Based FAQ Retrieval Systems

Author(s):  Jotsna Waghmare1, Mrs. M. A. Potey2 

Title : A Smart Real Time Ridesharing And Travel Assistance

Author(s):  Aarthi R1

Title : A Survey Of Digital Watermarking Techniques

Author(s): Sumedh P. Ingale 1, Dr.C.A.Dhote 2

Title : Performance Analysis of Fault Tolerance using Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network 

Author(s): Ms. Swati P. Wankhede 1, Prof. A. N. Thakare 2 

Title : “Design and Implementation of Multiple LED Notice Boards by Using ZIGBEE Technology”

Author(s): Vishal S. Deshmukh, Saurabh M. Titre, Salim A. Chavhan, Shyam D. Bawankar

Title : Big-O Test of RSA Algorithm Complexity in Civil DataBase ( SIN / e-ID )

Author(s): Jutono Gondohanindijo1, Eko Sediyono2 

Title : Metals in E Waste Causing Concerns in Bihar

Author(s): Dr. Umesh Kumar, Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Dr. Sushil Kumar

Title : IVR System for three phase motor protection, Control and Alert system using GSM

Author(s): Wani Suraj R1, Ghaywat Vivek V2, Naik Akshay D3, Mandlik Sachin B4

Title : Development Of A Circulation Library System(Case Study Of T.Y Danjuma Library - Acu)

Author(s): *Oguntoke Kawthar1, Ayeni Joshua2, Makinde Oladayo3

Title : A Comprenssive Survey On Different Methods For Detecting Salient Object

Author(s): Manish M. Paliwal1, Dr. Prashant N. Chatur2 

Title : Performance Evaluation of AODV and DSR Protocols in MANET

Author(s): Prachi Mishra, Neelesh Gupta

Title : Decision Trees for Uncertain Data

Author(s): Rohit Sutar1, Ashish Malunjkar2, Amit Kadam3, Pravin Jadhav4, Prof. Shalini Wankhade5

Title : Identify Obstacles of Different Types in the Path of UGV Using Region Based Image Segmentation

Author(s): Rajinder Kaur, Amanpreet Kaur

Title : Heart Rate Frequency Detection System Based On Digital Signal Processing  

Author(s): Pandipriya.J1, Jegan Antony Marcilin2

Title : Social Sensing: An Exploratory Investigation for Smart City 

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar Sahu, Lokesh Kumar, Vinod Kumar 

Title : An Efficient Pairwise Key Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Using ORP

Author(s): Gisha N#1, Jeena Sara George*2,Sushitha Susan Joseph#3 

Title : Survey on Evaluation of Recommender Systems

Author(s): Shraddha Shinde1, Mrs. M. A. Potey2

Title : Steganalysis using hopping cluster algorithm

Author(s): Ramandeep Kaur1, Arshdeep Singh2 

Title : Result Evaluation of Dynamic Topology Control Using Quality Estimation Factors for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

Author(s): Jitendra Tiwari, Jasneet Kaur

Title : Credit Card Fraud Detection Using an Efficient Enhanced K- Mean Clustering Algorithm

Author(s): 1Madhav Prasad Namdev, 2Anil Kumar, 3Varun Bansal

Title : Survey on A Methodology for Sensitive Attribute Discrimination Prevention In Data Mining           

Author(s): Naziya Tabassum Qazi , Prof. Ms.V.M.Deshmukh

Title : Design of FIR filter using Matlab Simulink and Xilinx system generator        

Author(s): Priti R. Chandak, Vipul P.Giradkar, Amol T.Wadmalwar

Title : 3 Factor Authentication for Banking System by using Android based Smart Phones      

Author(s): reProf.  Krishna P. Tayade1, Mr. Omkar R. Chorghe2, Mr. Swapnil R. Sawant3, Mr. Ravi C. Munde4, Mr. Akshay R. Misal 5

Title : Survey on Improving System Security using BGP and IP Prefix Hijacking     

Author(s): Trishula A.Hajare, D.A.Chaudhari

Title : A Survey of Trust Management using types of Uncertain Reasoning in Network Environment

Author(s): Kadiwala shabnam1, Asst.Prof. Swapnil R.Andhariya 2

Title : Online Mobile Cloud Based Compiler

Author(s): Miss. Pooja D. Pawar, Miss. Sheetal S. Rai, Miss. Madhuri V. Sherawade

Title : An Efficient Solution To Task Scheduling And Memory Partitioning For Uniprocessor

Author(s): Jenish Ponraj Peter.J B.E, Navaneethan.S M.E


Title : External radiation dose measurement in private nuclear medicine and diagnostic x-ray facilities in Bangladesh

Author(s): M Haider1*, S Shill1, L Begum1 and QMR Nizam2 

Title : Specification of Software Components

Author(s): Manjeet kaur 1, Harmanjot Kaur2,Kanchan Kumari3,Harpinder Kaur4

Title : Distribution Based Model to Improve the Tradeoff between Reliability and Energy Efficiency

Author(s):  Dr.V.Krishnapriya,  S.Naveena

Title : Survey On Business Model For Cloud Computing Using Rsa & Aes Algorithm

Author(s):  Prachi Bhagat1, Asmita Dhamale2, Ishita Saraf 3, Madhuri Thorat4

Title : ITS Cluster Based Efficient Exemplar Image Inpainting Technique

Author(s):  Kiran R.Sole, Prof. Swati Patil

Title : Enhancing Data Security in Neural Network Computing Using Biometrics

Author(s):  C.R.Kavitha 1

Title : Expansion Of Current Wi-Fi Implementation Through Energy Efficient Way

Author(s):  Nithin.S.Sivan

Title : Query Recommendations for Interactive Database Exploration

Author(s):  Sruthi T. K 

Title : Dynamic Route Allocation for Guaranteed Data Delivery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using DPRP & VDVH

Author(s):  Ruchee Sadani, Shreya Jain


Title : Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Shared Data in the Cloud

Author(s):  Prof. C. M. Jadhav ,  Ms.S.D. Shabade 

Title : Frequent Pattern Mining

Author(s):  Tanmay bapu Kadam 

Title : A Combined Effective Time Dependent Matrix Approach to Analyze the Men Affected by Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in Chennai

Author(s):  M. Clement Joe Anand1 and M. Lathamaheswari 2

Title : Clustering of E-mails Using Pattern Matching

Author(s):  Bhavana Pansare1, Yamini Chaudhari2, Pradnya Deshmukh3 ,Deepti Mutalik-Desai4, Tanuja Khedkar5

Title : Identity-Based Encryption for Preserving Privacy In Cloud For Publish/Subscribe System 

Author(s):  D.Devisri, J.Ramya, Mrs.T.Kalaichelvi 

Title :Efficient Validation and Source Aloofness in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s):  Priya.G.S1, Muthulakshmi.B2 

Title : Image Registration Techniques: A Review

Author(s):  Ms. Parita P. Vaghasiya, Asst. Prof. Pankaj Kumar Gautam

Title : A Novel Approach For Authorized Deduplication

Author(s):  Anup V. AdkeAkash N. Nawale2  Pravin N. Jadhav3 Vijayandra A. Yeole4  Prof. Kavita S. Kumavat5 

Title : Security Lock System for Fake Traits Based on Image Processing

Author(s):  G.Prathiba 

Title : Image Enhancement using DWT

Author(s):  Mr.Prasad D. Boraste 1, Prof.Kalvadekar.P.N 2

Title : Survey on Efficient Retrieval of Nearest Neighbor over Relational Database by using Keywords

Author(s):  Miss. Nikita R. Barge,  Prof. Pravin R. Barapatre

Title : Speed Control and Direction Control of Dc Motor Using Arm7

Author(s):  K.A.Wadile1, S.R.Chillarge2, D.D.Jadhav3 

Title : On Demand Load Balance Secure Routing Scheme For Mobile ADHOC Network

Author(s):  Shishir Patra1 Jajati Mallick2

Title : An Effective Load Balancing In Long Term Evaluation Self Optimization Network Using Multi Objective Optimized Algorithm

Author(s):  R.Nandhini1 S.Uma Maheswari2 

Title : An Efficient Image Forgery Detection Method with Dempster Shefer’s Theory for Detecting Jpeg Anti-Forensics

Author(s):  K.Karthika1 P.Damodharan2

Title : Task Ranking Based Allocation of Scientific Workflows in Multiple Clouds with Deadline Constraint

Author(s): 1T.Gayathri., 2B.Vinitha Subashini,

Title : Mobile barcode system with Inventory management and Employee work tracking using Google Analytics

Author(s): Arshad Shaikh1, Sanjay Mali2, Suraj Tambe3, Akshay Yadav4

Title : Design and Analysis of Low Power Pulse Triggered Flip-Flop

Author(s): V.Kavipriya,  K.Sedhuramalingam

Title : Literature Review on Fem Analysis Of Disc Brake System

Author(s): Er. N. B. Shinde1, Prof. B.R. Borkar2 

Title : Geometry Based Efficient Routing Protocol In Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Radhika A. Narwaria1,S.R.Gupta2,S.M.Balwani3

Title : Detecting Attack Packets by Using Darpa Dataset on Intrusion Detection System

Author(s): Ms. Sarika Rameshwar Rathi 

Title : Comparative Study of Error Performance in Modulation Schemes for VLC Systems 

Author(s): Ankita Choubey1 Deepak Sharma2

Title : Clipping Technique for BER and PAPR Reduction in OFDM System

Author(s): J. P. Panwar, Dr.Y.K.Jain 

Title : BER and PAPR Reduction in OFDM System By Using Companding Technique

Author(s): J. P. Panwar, Dr.Y.K.Jain

Title : A Novel Non Linear Distortion Suppressed, Pre-Compensation for A 10.7-Gb/S System Employing A Directly Modulated Laser

Author(s): V.S.R.Kumari 1 Muppalla Papa Rao 2 

Title :  New Compressive Sensing Inter Cluster Data Aggregation Based Ileach Protocol For Homogenious Wsns

Author(s): Mandeep Kaur, Harmandeep Singh(asst. prof) 



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