Title : A Literature Review of Reliable Multipath Routing Techniques

Author(s):  Versha Matre1 Reena karandikar2 

Title : Secure Video watermarking Algorithm Using K-harris feature point detection with dual watermarks

Author(s):  1Ekta, 2Dr. Naresh Kumar Garg

Title : A Study of Various Web Page Recommendation Algorithms 

Author(s):  Pallaviben J Gohil, Krunal Patel 

Title : Supporting Search-As-You-Type among Multiple Tables using Multi-Join and Top-k Query Model

Author(s):  J.Shanmugheswari1, M.Sugashini2, V.Hemalatha3, Dr.P.Gomathi4

Title : Android Server For Wlan Control And Management

Author(s):  Prof.  Ashvini Jadhav1, Mr.Akshay L. Gosavi2, Miss.Vrushali R. Hargude3, Mr.Nikhil S. Thite4, Miss.Mamta B. Sawle5

Title : Effect of Temperature on Maximum Power Point of Photovoltaic Module

Author(s):  Mrs AbubakarAbisetu1, DrDominicS.Nyitamen2Dr Nnorom Achara3

Title : Development of Mathematical Model to Predict the Removal Rate  of Zinc in Zinc Barrel Plating wash water using Full Factorial Design

Author(s):  S. Kalaivani1, Dr. S. Ananthalakshmi2

Title : Cervical Implementation of Image Restoration Schema Using Digital Image Processing Techniques

Author(s):  S. P. Victor, A. Shakul Hamid 

Title : Effect Of Routing Packet Overheads On Routing Protocols

Author(s):  Prof. C. M. Jadhav1, Miss. Tejaswini. P. Patil2

Title : Revamp the Power Consumption in MANET by designing EPAR-DA routing Protocol

Author(s):  Abinesh.T 1, Ganesan.T 2 

Title : Implementation of Data Clustering With Meta Information Using Improved K-Means Algorithm Based On COATES Approach

Author(s):  Mr. Patankar Nikhil S., Prof.P.P.Rokade

Title : Performance and Comparison of Energy Efficient MAC Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s):  Miss. Sumita S.Chandekar1, Mr. Sunil Malviya2

Title : Image processing and Biometric Approach for Licence and Vehicle documents verification

Author(s):  Prof.  Yuvraj Nikam1, Miss .Monika N.Walunj2, Miss. Pooja M.Paranjape3, Mr. Ruturaj A.Kumbhar4, Mr. Subodh R.Pawar 5

Title : Provable Data Possession Securing The From Untrusted Server

Author(s):  J.Praveen, S.Karthikeyan, Mrs Sumathy

Title : Intelligent Access Smart Grid System,Metering and Monitoring

Author(s):  J.Nivetha1.Dr.K.Sundaravadivu2.

Title : Role of Robot Scientists and Artificial Intelligence in Drug discovery

Author(s):  Anand M1, Clarice Susan2

Title : Bluetooth Chat Application: Bluez

Author(s):  Aishwarya S Bote, Nitish Ghare, Pravin Kumar Rahurkar, Mandar Latkar

Title : A Survey on Various Developments In The Field Of Computer Science

Author(s):  Anik Shah, Animesh Shah

Title : Practically observation of standard Minute Value of T-shirt

Author(s):  Md.Ramij Howlader1 Md.Monirul Islam (Rajib)2 Md.Tanjibul Hasan Sajib3 Ripon Kumar Prasad3 

Title : Improving the Hybrid Ad hoc Network Routing Performance Using RMECR Algorithm and Lightweight protocol

Author(s):  R Priya, H Prabavathi 

Title : HyPACK: Hybrid Prediction-Based Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction System

Author(s):  Ms.Pratibha A  Kuber  , Ms.Garima Makhija

Title : Minutiae Matching Algorithm For Partial Fingerprints

Author(s):  Lekshmi S P

Title : Data DeDuplication Using Optimized Fingerprint Lookup Method for Cloud Storage Using Android

Author(s):  Prof. Sulbha Ghadling ,Piyush Mehta, Piyush Oswal, Rohit Padwal, Amit Mohol

Title : A newer method and its comparison with other available methods in wireless sensor network

Author(s):  Jyoti Sharma1, Beerendra Kumar2 

Title : A Survey Report on Risk-aware Role-based Access Control Model

Author(s):  Bhoomi Pipaliya 1, Vinay Harsora 2

Title : Demo

Author(s):  Dhairyashil M. Patil,  Dr. S.K. Shah,

Title : Improving Network Performance Using An Intrusion Detection & Adaptive Response Approach For Manets

Author(s):  Karthigha M, Rangarajan Gowtham S

Title : A New Technique for Low Power Double Tail   Comparator Using Parallel Mechanism

Author(s):  Remya Ayyappan, 

Title : RFID-Based Tracking System 

Author(s):  Mr.G. Manikandan 1, Mr.N.Mathavan 2 , Mr.M.Paramasivan3, T.Ashly 4

Title : EMU-Synchronization Enhanced Mobile Underwater Networks for Assisting Time Synchronization Scheme in Sensors 

Author(s):  K.Priyanga,V.Radhika,L.D.R.Vinoodune,Mrs.Josepha Menandas M.E.,

Title : Android Parental Tracking 

Author(s):  Tejal D. Katore 1  Gayatri R. Ghogare 2  Dipeeka R. Shinde 3 Tejaashri M. Ghule Prof .Tamhane K. D.5

Title : Comparative Analysis Of Methods For Semi- Supervised Dimensionality Reduction

Author(s):  Archana H.Telgaonkar1, Sachin Deshmukh1

Title : Responsive Web Design

Author(s):  Anushree Rajesh Nene 

Title : Face Captcha

Author(s):  Prof. N. B. Kadu 1, Pushkar U. Wable2, Swati K. Wale3, Dipti B. Tambe4, Amol P. Londhe5

Title : Cloud Based Real Time Anti Vehicle Theft By Using LP Recognition And OCR Recognition

Author(s):  R. Ramachandran, R. Manivannan, R. Ramachandiran, N. Balachandar

Title : Vulnerable Attitude of Road user using Fuzzy Matrix Technique

Author(s):  Victor Devadoss1 and S.M.A. Shahul Hameed2

Title : Analysis of Use Cases and Use Case Estimation

Author(s):  1. Abhishek Chaudhary 2. Nalin Chaudhary  3. Aasiya Khatoon

Title : A Social Chat Network Site With User Anonymity Consideration

Author(s):  Oyinloye O.Elohor, Akinyemi B.Peter

Title : Advanced Security System Using Finger Vein Recognition

Author(s):  M.Soundarya,  J.Rohini, V.Pavithra V.Ramya S.Nithya

Title : Finger Print Based Door Locking System

Author(s):  A. Aditya Shankar1, P.R.K.Sastry2, A. L.Vishnu Ram3 , A.Vamsidhar4

Title : Survey on Threat management system

Author(s):  Aniket Tare1, Mrunal Funde2, Shraddha zade3,Vaishnavi khati4

Title : Sketch Based Photographs Retrieval System

Author(s):  Mrs.Shameera S.L,#1B.E(M.E), Mr.P.Gopalakrishnan#2, M.Tech,M.B.A

Title : Single Sign on Mechanism

Author(s):  Priyanka Jagtap, Shraddha Karande, Pratibha Kohinkar,Tazeen Mansuri

Title : An Improved Image Watermarking Using LTVC Scheme

Author(s):  Aswathy. S

Title : Deploying Relay Nodes with Controllable Mobility to Conserve Power in MANETs

Author(s):  Priya S 1, Karthikeyan M 2 

Title : Improving Return loss of Microstrip Patch antenna using AMC

Author(s):  Madhusudan A. Mohite, Sandeep C. Munghate, Subodh N. Pandharkame

Title : Improving efficiency of hybrid Intrusion Detection System using k-means and Naïve Bayes

Author(s):  Pushpak singha, Rahul lakkadwala, Anup sheth, akshay gaikwad, Megha V. kadam

Title : Comparison between PMC AND AMC

Author(s):  Madhusudan A. Mohite1, Tirupati L.Iltapawar2, Krunal P.Rane3

Title : Information System Based On College Campus

Author(s):  Shilpa Bilawane, Pranali Jambhulkar 

Title : Analysing Uncertain Data by Building Decision Tree

Author(s):  Megha Pimpalkar1, Garima Singh2

Title : Performance Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter Using Pi Controller

Author(s):  Md. Jahid Hasan1, Ahmed Abdullah2, Apu Samadder 3

Title : Sign Language Recognition for Deaf and Dumb People

Author(s):  Y.M.Pathan1, S.R.Waghmare2, P.K.Patil3

Title : Complete Library Control Robot

Author(s):  Arumugaraja.M, Revathi.M, Roja.S 

Title : Design & Simulation of MHD Antenna for Wireless Applications

Author(s):  Kuldeep Lakra *, Amit Kumar*, Gyanender Kumar

Title : RFID Based Intelligent Trolley System using Zigbee

Author(s):  Aniket Wani1, Krutika Thakur2, Nikhil Vaze3, Meeta Vadhel4 , Prof. Rupali Advirkar5

Title : PC Controlled Car for Terrain Detection

Author(s):  Ashwin Pais1, Jivitesh Gudekar2, Pinak Kelkar3, Jay Borade4

Title : Survey Paper on Automatic Speaker Recognition Systems

Author(s):  Miss. Sarika S. Admuthe1, Mrs. Shubhada Ghugardare 2

Title : Estimating The Age Of Human Face In Image Processing Using Matlab

Author(s):  Aditi Sengupta1 Piyas Mondal2

Title : Bi-orthogonal wavelet transform based video watermarking

Author(s):  Aswathy K.Nair1, Flower Abraham Mundackal2

Title : A Proficient Extreme Learning Machine Approach For Tracking And Estimating Human Poses. 

Author(s):  Dr.P. Tamije Selvy1, T. Renuka Devi2, R.Siva Keerthini3, S.Umamaheswari4

Title : Security Suite

Author(s):  Tanmay Ghawate1, Chaitanya Patel2, Rushikesh Bargaje3, Kamlakar Kadam4, Prof. Harmeet Khanuja5.

Title : A Probabilistic Approach for Anomaly Detection In Social Streams

Author(s):  S. Sundara  Selvi, Mr. K.Durairaj 

Title : A Novel Secure Multiparty Algorithms in Horizontally Distributed Database for Fast Distributed Database

Author(s):  S.Pavithra, P.Prasanna 

Title : Resist Adverseries With Broader Background Knowledge In Personalized Web Search.

Author(s):  R.Jayanthi, Mr. C.Mahesh 

Title : Performance Analysis of Cement manufacturing Industry 

Author(s):  Neeraj Pandagre

Title : Interactive File Sharing Web Application for Organization

Author(s):  Bramha Gogade1, Shraddha Dharmik2, Saili Patil3, Prof. A. N. Adapanawar 4 

Title : Location Based Services: Architecture and Issues

Author(s):  Anshuman S. Patel1

Title : Cost-Efficiency And Privacy Preserving With Eirq Methods In Commercial Cloud

Author(s):  Vanajakshi Devi.K1, Praveen Kumar.N2, Ramesh.B3

Title : An Implementation of Hand Gesture Recognition System for Controlling a Car Buggy

Author(s):  1Sanjyot Agureddy, 2Mohammed Esoofally, 3Meenakshi Raut, 4Manish Bhutada

Title : A Robust Technique for Detection of Lung Nodules with Virtual Dual Energy Technology and Feed Forward Neural Network

Author(s):  Drishya Vijayan1, Shine P. James2 

Title : Retinal Hemorrhage Detection Using Feature Classification

Author(s):  Preniya Prasad 

Title : Automated Measuring Tool for Handwriting Examination

Author(s):  Vaibhav Saran1, Suneet Kumar2, Kriti Nigam3, Syeed Ahmed4, A.K.Gupta5

Title : A Survey: Wireless Lan Security Protocols

Author(s):  Anik Shah, Animesh Shah 

Title : A Mutation Testing Analysis And Regression Testing

Author(s):  Deepti singh1, Ankit Thakur2, Abhishek Chaudhary3

Title : Intrusion Detection and Response Using Game Strategy And RRE Engine In Network Security

Author(s):  1Anuvarsha.G, 2Rajesh kumar

Title : Various Techniques of Fractal Image Compression - A Review 

Author(s):  Veena K K1 , Bhuvaneswari P 2 

Title : Textual Graphical Password Scheme against Shoulder Surfing Attack 

Author(s): Saurabh Saoji1, Swapnali Bhadale2, Harshada Wagh3

Title : A Machine Learning Techinque For Generative Classifier Under Attack

Author(s): S.Sasikala, C.Mahesh 

Title : DS-CDMA system with linear multiuser detection using kasami codes

Author(s): M.Mamatharani1 , R.Deepthi2 , V.Tarunkumar3 ,S.Gopi4 ,G.Sridharkumar5

Title : Piston connecting rod code detection and matching system using image processing and OCR

Author(s): Roshan Kshirsagar1, Amol Date2, Yogesh pawar3, Darshana Desai4

Title : A Survey On Channel Estimation In Mimo-Ofdm Systems

Author(s): Sonia Rani1, Manish kansal2 

Title : Head gesture recognition for hands-free control of robot movements

Author(s): Prof.Ms. P.B.Alappanavar1, Mr. Kishor Gardi2, Mr. Shubham Raut3, Mr. Swapnil Ghorpade4, Mr. Sameer  waghmare5 

Title : A Survey of ICI Self-Cancellation Techniques for OFDM Systems

Author(s): Ritu Chaudhary1, Geeta Arora2 

Title : Robust Document Image Binarization Technique for Degraded Images

Author(s): Gaurav Divate1,Aniket Vaidya2,Vipul Wankhede3

Title : A Review on Removal of Rain Streaks in an Image by using Image Decomposition

Author(s): Sneha Wandale1, Prof.P.A.Tijare2, Prof.S.N.Sawalkar3

Title : Preference Aware Automatic Search Using Multiple Taxonomies

Author(s): Nidhin.R1 , Sharmila.L2 

Title : XRD And AFM Study Of Zirconium Substituted Zn-Ni Ferrite Using Solution Combustion Method

Author(s): Jasmeen Saini, *Rupesh Kumar, **Jaspreet Kaur Rajput, ***Arvind Kumar 

Title : Load-Balancing Based On Geographic Routing Around Connectivity Holes In Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): R.Mohanapriya1, V.Vennila2, S.Savitha3

Title : Ann Based Head Movement Detection with Eye Tracking

Author(s): Nimi M R, Renji S

Title : Multimedia Cloud Computing an Emerging Technology: Survey

Author(s): Er. Ramandeep Kaur, Er. Gurjot Kaur 

Title : Self Powered Sensor Based Environmental Bridge Condition Monitoring System Using Gsm

Author(s): Prof.Dr.S.S.Patil, Bhadange Tejaswini, Jadhav Poonam, Jagtap Bhakti

Title : Extract Structured Data from Heterogeneous Web Pages 

Author(s): M.D. Nirmal1, Shital B. Jadhav2, Nilam V. Dhumal3, Rutuja V. Kapadnis4, Priyanka H. Thakare5

Title : Cellular Phone Has Opened a New Horizon of Socio- Economic Development: A Case Study Of Bangladesh

Author(s): Malaya Tashbeen Barnamala 

Title : Traffic Classification By Using: TIE (Traffic Identification Engine) 

Author(s): P.Raj kumar, P.Prasanna 

Title : “Camera Based Product Information Reading For Blind People” 

Author(s): Priyanka Patil1,Sonali Solat2,Shital Hake3 Prof.S.T.KHOT4

Title : A Phishing obligation analysis on web based secure authentication

Author(s): M.Rajesh M.Tech.,[1] Mr.R.Hariharan M.Tech.,[2]

Title : A Review on Channel Allocation Schemes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Shweta A Mane, Sanjay S Pawar

Title : VHDL Implementation Using Clustring Algorithm

Author(s): Prof.K.R.Chaudhari, Dinde Rupali ,Dhage Radhika, Khedekar Priyanka

Title : An High Eqipped SC FDMA Communication Model Based On Advanced Wavelet Mechanism For Wireless Systems

Author(s): A.Navya Lakshmi#1 V.Vamsi Sudheera#2

Title : Design of A Controlled Multi-Logic Function Generator and ALU by Using COG Reversible Logic Gates

Author(s): K.Rajasekhar  2.Devi Prasanna 3 Yamuna 4.Pujitha Sai 5.Pranay Kumar 6.Sanasi Naidu

Title : A Study on Securing Privacy In Personalized Web Search

Author(s): Priyanka Deulkar 1, Dr.A.D.Gawande2

Title : Reversible Data Hiding Technique with Improved Reversibility in Encrypted Images

Author(s): Himangi Mohan Mujumdar1, Prof. Sachin B. Takale2

Title : Data Hiding Technique Using Audio Watermarking

Author(s): Yugandhara H. Wankhede1, Prof. Samadhan D. Mali2

Title : Senior Citizen Independent Living

Author(s): C. Suganthini1, K.Sandhya2, R.Elavarasi3


Title : Memory Management In C++ And Java

Author(s): Gayathri Kandasamy Sengottaiyan 



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