Title : Category, Strategy and Validation of Software Change Impact Analysis

Author(s): Zeba Mahmood* Rakesh Bharti  Tahera Mahmood 

Title : Differences and problems task scheduling algorithm -A Survey

Author(s): Mohit Pal Singh Birdi, Kapil Kumar, Abhinav Hans, Navdeep Singh,


Title : Graph Based Approach For Multi Document Summarization

Author(s): Mr. Vijay Sonawane, Prof. Rakesh Salam

Title : A System for Serving Disability using Facial Expression Recognition 

Author(s): K.Kausalya1, K.Subashini2, M.Priyanga3

Title : Speech Enhancement Using Beamforming

Author(s): Dr. G. Ramesh Babu1, D. Lavanya2, B. Yamuna2, H. Divya2,  B. Shiva Kumar2, B. Ashok Kumar2


Title : Hop Voting scheme with Voting tag Verification Scheme for wireless Networks 

Author(s): Dr. M. Senthamil Selvi1,Adhars Ram B², Ashok K³, Babu V4 

Title : Security measures for CDMA Mobile Phone Cloning

Author(s): S.Kanimozhi, D.Lavanya, S.SivaChandiran, D.Jayakumar

Title : Data Transfer Through Power Line

Author(s):  Ulhas Patil1, Chilgar Neha B.2, Pawar Priya S.3, Patel Arati R.4

Title : Designing Of Novel Low Power Signed And Unsigned Multiplier Using 180nm CMOS Technology In CADENCE

Author(s):  V.G.Santhi Swaroop1, E.Pavani2, Ch.Vasundhara3       

Title : Encryption Based Access Control Model In Cloud : A Survey

Author(s):  Rachana Chavda, Rajanikanth Aluvalu


Title : Motion Reconstruction Of 3-D Objects From 2-D Correspondences

Author(s):  1. Vikas kumar 2. Lokesh Kashyap 3. Nalin Chaudhary

Title : Home Automation System Using Android and Internet

Author(s):  Prof. R.S. Suryavanshi1, Gulam Hussain2, Kunal Khivensara3, Nitish Bansal4, Vikash Kumar5 

Title : PAPR Reduction Of OFDM Using An Exponential Companding Technique

Author(s):  G.Kranthi Kumar,  S.Lenin Kumar Reddy, K.Santhosh Kumar M.Tech

Title : Retinal Images Classification using Graph-Based approach for Disease Identification

Author(s):  Divya.K.S1  Kamala Malar.M2 

Title : Extracting and Mining Of Data From PDF and WEB

Author(s):  Pooja Tajane, Pranjal Gadakh, Nisha Shelar, Madhuri Javare

Title : A Scalable Two-Phase Bottom-Up Specialization Prospective For Data Anonymization Using Map Reduce On Cloud

Author(s):  Dilipprasad.E, Ajay.R , Mr. K.Durairaj 

Title : Performance Analysis of anEnhanced AODV Routing Protocol

Author(s):  Vipin kumar sahu1, Prof. Aishwarya mishra2 

Title : Comparative evaluation of Google Glass, Vuzix M100 & Epson Moverio BT-200

Author(s):  Vijay Sanjos Alexander, Venkatesh Babu 

Title : Improving Accessing Efficiency of Cloud Storage Using De-Duplication and Feedback Schemes

Author(s):  R.K.Saranya1, R.Sanjana2, Steffi Miriam Philip3, Shahana M.S.A4 

Title : RTOS Based Fault Diagnosis And Efficient Data Transfer On Priority Basis Using Can 

Author(s):  K.T Indhupriya B.E, G Balaji  M.Tech

Title : Experimental Implementation Of Image Restoration Schema Using Inverse Filter Processing Techniques

Author(s):  A. Shakul Hamid*, Dr.S.P.Victor,  

Title : A Comparative Analysis of Traditional RDBMS with MapReduce and Hive for E-Governance system

Author(s):  Mr.Swapnil A. Kale 1, Prof.S.S.Dandge 2

Title : Design and Implementation of AMBA-AHB&APB bridge memory controller by VHDL

Author(s):  S.Anoosh1 T.Vidhya2 B.Vinod Kumar3 Ch.Anitha4 S.Rama Krishnaa 

Title : Handwritten Devnagari Character Recognition System

Author(s):  Neha Avhad1, Shraddha Darade2,Neha Gawali3, Apurva Matsagar4

Title : A Review on Digital Watermarking Techniques, Applications and Attacks

Author(s):  Ms. Komal M.Shukla1, Mr. Ashish K.Mehta2 

Title : Maintainability assurance in Software Product Lines An Activity- Based Model

Author(s):  Manoj Nainwal1, Anurag Awasthi2 

Title : Design and Analysis of Square and Circular type fractal Shapes Microstrip Patch Antenna

Author(s):  Dr.Yogesh Bhomia1, Dr. S.V.A.V.Prasad2,Pradeep Kumar3 

Title : Authentication at Single-Point-of-Access in Cloud Environments

Author(s):  Rizwan Ahmed*, Mr. Imran Ijaz** 

Title : Data Analysis Using Document Clustering

Author(s):  Prof. Priya Thakare, Rekha  Kamble  Priyanka  Karche,  Sneha  Gaikwad ,  Manish  Khaladkar 

Title : HBase Performance Testing On Multi-node Cluster Setup

Author(s):  G. Nataraja Sekhar1,Smt. S. Jessica Saritha2, C. Penchalaiah3 

Title : DTMF Based Mobile Operated Surveillance Vehicle

Author(s):  B.Dineshkumar1,P.Balaji2,E.Natarajan3,G.Vignesh4,R.Selvamani5

Title : Modified SLM Based Peak To Average Power Ratio Reduction In  MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s):  Harshini Sarvotham#1, Logeshwari.N#2, Madhumitha.S#3, Dr.M.Palanivelan#4

Title : Survey Of Electronic Countermeasures Attacks And Techniques In Wireless Detector Networks

Author(s):  Sundar R* 

Title : Low cost Intelligent Parking management and Guidance System

Author(s):  Nikhitkumar1, Abhijith S2,   Shruti Jajoo3,  S G Raghavendra Prasad4, Dr.  Jitendar Mungara5

Title : A Review on Media Access Control Spoofing

Author(s):  Srishti Gupta, Kirti, Jaya Chaudhary 

Title : Mechanism for secure Big data stored within cloud storage by using cloud computing (Secure cloud storage)

Author(s):  Sandip S. Dabre1 , Mangesh S. Shegokar2

Title : A Proposed Automatic Answering System for Natural Language Questions

Author(s):  Prof. Dhanshri Patil1, Abhijeet Chopade2, Pankaj Bhambure3, Sanket Deshmukh4, Aniket Tetame5 

Title : Life Cycle Cost Analysis Of Buildings

Author(s):  1N.Kale, 2A.Joshi

Title : Twitter Sentiment Analysis with Emoticons 

Author(s):  Waghode Poonam B,Prof. Mayura Kinikar 

Title : Extracting Structue Data From UnStructured Data Through HiveQL

Author(s):  K. Balakrishna1,Smt. S. Jessica Saritha2, C. Penchalaiah3 

Title : The Design of Vegetable Oil Biodiesel Reactor 

Author(s):  N Achara, 

Title : Smart Home Energy Management System

Author(s):  Arti Kedar 1, S. B. Somani2 

Title : Transformation Of Analysis Model To Business Process Model

Author(s):  1.Kulshan Pattanaik 

Title : Object Oriented Software Testing

Author(s):  Vandna1, Dr. Ritu Sindhu2

Title : Organizational Mail Tracking With Security Using 3d Password And Database Encryption

Author(s):  Megha Sunil, Navami M Chandrabose, Neethu Pious

Title : Real Time Location Tracking Application based on Location Alarm

Author(s):  Adnaan Ghadiyali1, Ankur Tiku2, Sumeet Bandevar3, Ruturaj Tengale4

Title : Implementation of Desktop Control and Information Retrieval from the Internet Using Augmented Reality

Author(s):  Anup Raut1, Afroz Kazi2, Akshay Kamthe3, Sachin Waghmare4, Smita Kalunge5 

Title : Impact and General Awareness of Cloud Computing In Public Domain

Author(s):  Mr. Rajesh Saini*; Mr. Siddarth Kaul**; Mr. Satish Kumar***

Title : ASP.Net Technology Based Training And Placement Management System. 

Author(s):  Shaikh Mohammed Salman1,Kanchwala Taha Juzer2,Ansari Mohammed Abdul Aziz3,Prof. Shrinidhi Gindi

Title : Ultrasonic Stick for Blind 

Author(s):  Ankit Agarwal1, Deepak Kumar2, Abhishek Bhardwaj3 

Title : Effective Website Accessibility Through Optimization  Using Knapsack Programming Model

Author(s):  BalaVignesh.P1, SanthoshKumar.C*, Bhaanureaka.B2, Gomathi.N3, Nivedha.S.K4 

Title : Improving Privacy Multi-Keyword Top-K Retrieval Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data 

Author(s):  Aashi Qul Huq A1 Bhaggiaraj S 2

Title : Development of WiFi-Bluetooth Communication Protocol

Author(s):  Prof. Manjitsing Valvi, Jay P. Chauhan, Dinsha S. Dinani 

Title : Comparative Analysis Between Prophet, Spray &Wait And Spray & Focus Protocol Of Wireless Opportunistic Networks

Author(s):  Sonam kashyap #1, Jasvir Singh *2

Title : Fashion Accessories using Virtual Mirror

Author(s):  Sonal Kachare1, Shrisha Vanga2, Ekta Gupta3, Jay Borade4 

Title : Laser Ignition System for Internal Combustion Engine

Author(s):  M.Srinivasnaik1, Dr.T.V.V. Sudhakar2, Dr.B. Balunaik3, Dr.A.SomiReddy4

Title : Mobile Controlled Robots

Author(s):  K.Kanimozhi, S.Viswanathan                                              

Title : Mobile Virtual Laboratory in Nigeria

Author(s):  Ogundipe Oluwole1, Goga Nicolae2, Omotosho Olawale3, Awodele Oludele4 

Title : Web Database Annotation for Fast and Accurate Retrieval

Author(s):  Kiran Dhumale, Swati Chavanm, Monali Kulkarni, Sachin Landge 

Title : Securing Computer Device Using Bluetooth technology and One-Time Password

Author(s):  Mrs Aruna Gawde, Sanchit Jaina ,Mohsin Masanib, Sahil Deliwalaa,b,

Title : Image Retrieval using Markovian Semantic indexing (MSI)

Author(s):  J.Premkumar, Mr.P.Prasenna 

Title : A New Approach for Distributed Data Mining based on SOA

Author(s):  K.R.Shankar1, K.Manikandan2

Title : Encrypted Data Transmission for secured SMS over Web via E-Mail Platform

Author(s):  MugheleEse Sophia 

Title : A Comparative Analysis of Detecting the Moving Object with Principal Component Pursuit for Surveillance Application

Author(s): 1Jonsta Grashia.J, 2M.Kamala Malar 

Title : Implementation of Hadoop Pseudo-distributed Cluster on Android using ‘chroot’

Author(s): Prof. S. Y. Raut1, Balwant B. Raut, Mangesh S. Jondhale, Nilesh R. Jaware4, Prachil S. Tambe5 

Title : Two Phase Secured Multiparty Sum Computation Protocol (2PSMC) for Privacy preserving data mining

Author(s): Selva Rathna1, Dr.T. Karthikeyan2 

Title : Integrated Approach In The Design Of Car Park Occupancy Information System Using Image Processing

Author(s): S.Senthilkumar, K.Kanimozhi, Mr.D.Jayakumar. 

Title : Ethical Hacking

Author(s): Deepak Kumar1, Ankit Agarwal2, Abhishek Bhardwaj3

Title : Intelligent Network

Author(s): Anurag Singh1, Abhishek Bhardwaj2, Vipin Rai3

Title : Wind - An Efficient, Safe and Economic Global Energy Resource with Zero Effect

Author(s): Shikha Parashar1, Rekha Parashar2, Apoorva Srivastava3 

Title : FPGA Implementation Of Invisible Watermarking Algorithm Using LSB And DWT Technique

Author(s): Prof. S.M.Rajbhoj, Gudaghe Aarti, Ghavate Bhagyashree, Bhabad Pallavi 

Title : Database Recovery Techniques: A Review 

Author(s): Pradip R. Patel 

Title : Captcha as Graphical Password

Author(s): Sujata D. Salunkhe1, Prof.Dhanshree Patil2 

Title : A Password authentication in social Networking sites

Author(s): MR. Praveen Kumar1, S.Sirisha2, N.Breetha3, M.Lakshmi4

Title : Exploiting a Low Power Self Timed Ternary CAM Architecture Using RWOS Mechanism

Author(s): Silna George1, I. Rabeek Raja2, M. Prakash3 

Title : CPS-PWM Based Cascaded H-Bridge MLI with Voltage Balancing Capability

Author(s): R.Priya, C.Kanimozhi

Title : Performance evaluation of Energy-aware routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks.

Author(s): Pawan deepkaur,

Title : Automated Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy Stages in Digital Fundus Image using CDR and Micro aneurysms

Author(s): Dhanya C L, Sanjeev Kubakaddi, Dr, Shilpa Mehta

Title : Intelligent Query Search

Author(s): Prof.M.R.Kharde, Priyanka Ghuge ,Kurhe Prajakta,Cholake Shital,Maghade Rachana

Title : Color Edge Detection Based On The Fusion Of Hue Component  And Principal Component Analysis

Author(s): Ramandeep Kaur 

Title : Hybrid solar cooker

Author(s): Anubhav pandey1, Abhineet shukla1, Avinash mishra1, Prashant Dwivedi1, Ankit sahu1 

Title : Automated Emergency System in Ambulance to Control Traffic Signals using IoT

Author(s): Dr. A. Balamurugan1, G. Navin Siva Kumar2, S. Raj Thilak3, P. Selvakumar4

Title : A Review of Ad Hoc Routing Protocols

Author(s): Showkat Ahmad Dar, Firdous Rashid , Dr. S.Palanivel

Title : Mobile Enabled Streaming System

Author(s): Prof.Smita Patil, Arvind Kolhe, Arun Shinde, Rahul Sadaphal 

Title : Novel Approach for Localizing Jammers in wireless network.

Author(s): Sundar.R1, Mahesh.C2 

Title : Comparative Performance Analysis of Removal of Impulse Noise using Different Methods

Author(s): Namrata Shelke1, Prof. Sumit Sharma2 

Title : In-Place Transformation Engine for Analytics

Author(s): Nilendra Chaudhari, Bipin Patwardhan 

Title : Dual-Broadband Planar Antenna For 2G/3G/LTE Base Stations

Author(s): M.Ramya1, Dr.A.Kannammal2

Title : Hierarchical Similarity Of Context 

Author(s): Sayyad F.S.1 & P.P.Kalyankar2 

Title : A Classification of various unicast and multicast Routing protocols in MANET

Author(s): 1 M.Sravan Kumar Reddy  2 Vikram Narayandas

Title : Study On High Strength Self Compacting Concrete Beams With Steel  & Recron Fiber

Author(s): P.Karthi#1, S.Sankar*2

Title : Experimental Investigations on Flexural Strength and Durability Properties of Mortars Containing Cement Replacement Materials

Author(s): Dr M. Vijaya Sekhar Reddy1, M. Seshalalitha2, N.Krishna Murthy3 

Title : Face Recognition using Eigenfaces and Distance Classifiers

Author(s): A V Krishna Rao Padyala, K Sai Prasanth D Neeraja  

Title : Secured Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage

Author(s): N.R RejinPaul1 ,Alagu Lakshmi M.S2 , Sai Rasmitha D3

Title : Achieving Multi Layered security, Flexibility, Scalability, Access Control in Cloud Computing Using Hierarchical Attribute Set Based Encryption (HASBE)

Author(s): Priyanka Madhirjau

Title : Role of Software Quality Assurance in Software Development

Author(s): Deepak Kumar1, Parul2 

Title : Visual Secrete Sharing by Diverse Image Media

Author(s): Aparna Bhosale 1, Jyoti Rao 2

Title : Analysis of Characteristics of 2G/3G Cellular Networks in rural and urban areas of Delhi

Author(s): Jai Prakash1, Vikas Kumar2, Harish Chandra Maurya3 

Title : A Review on APCC based Fractal Image Compression

Author(s): Date Vinod H., Prof. S. V. Kulkarni

Title : Application of Multi-agent system in College Searching for Fresher’s Recruitment System

Author(s): Alankar Srivastava1, Akshay Varshney2, Akhil Chaurasia3 

Title : Towards an understanding of Li-Fi: Next generation Visible Light Communication Technology

Author(s): Deepali Bajaj1, Isha Mangal2, Asha Yadav3

Title : Wireless Surveillance Robot Using Wireless Network

Author(s): Kiran Gautam, Pranit Chettri, Ravindra Singh Negi, Rangpo, Majhitar, Prerna Rai

Title : E-Field Uniformity Test Volume In Gtem Cell Based On Labview

Author(s): Dominic S. Nyitamen

Title : Detection of Nutrients and chemicals in food products using sensors in smart phones

Author(s): Prof. Sukhesh Kothari, Prof.Hemlata Channe

Title : Enhancement of the IEEE 802.15.4 Cluster-Tree Network with Energy Efficient Cluster Scheduling 

Author(s): Ahmed Ben Saleh, Martin J N Sibley, Peter Mather 

Title : Software Application for Design of Structural Element Using Visual Basic Coding 

Author(s): J.Manoj Babu#1

Title : Flight Delay Prediction System Using Weighted Multiple Linear Regression

Author(s): Sruti Oza1, Somya Sharma2, Hetal Sangoi3, Rutuja Raut4, V.C. Kotak5

Title : Literature Survey on Maharashtra State Transport Buses and RFID

Author(s): Prof A.M.Magar, Akshay A. Kulkarni, Dayanand K. Jadhav 

Title : Unwanted Message Filtering From Osn User Walls And Implementation Of Blacklist (Implementation Paper)

Author(s): Rakhi Bhardwaj1, Vikram Kale2, Prasad Morye2, Manoj Dhaygude2, Sagar Badhe2

Title : Implementation of VRouter in KVM virtualized host

Author(s): Kajal Gaikwad, Shweta Nazarkar, Praneta Painthankar, Srushti Khadke

Title : Comparative Seismic Analysis Of An Irregular Building With A Shear Wall And Frame Tube System Of Various Sizes

Author(s): B.N.Sarath, D.Claudiajeyapushpa

Title : Security in Privacy Preserving Data Mining

Author(s): Neha Kashyap1, Dr. Vandana Bhattacharjee2 

Title : Design And Implementation Of A Robot ARM Control System

Author(s): Prof. Hycinth C. Inyiama1, Prof Christiana .C. Okezie2, Maxwell C. Okeke3, Tochukwu C. Akubue4

Title : A new Approach for Content Caching and Scheduling in Wireless Network

Author(s): U.Sudhakar, K.Durairaj.,M.Tech 



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