Title : Using Business Intelligence For Mining Online Reviews For Predicting Sales Performance

Author(s): Mohsin Nadaf1, Sunil Lahane2, Akshay Deshpande3, Sneha Tirth4 

Title : Dynamic Web-Based Mobile Application For Traffic Police

Author(s): Komal Kalbhor1,Akshaya Misal2,Shilpa Kalbhor3 

Title : An Automated guided model for merging news into Stock Trading Strategies

Author(s): Pallavi Parshuram Katke1, Ass.Prof. B.R.Solunke2

Title : Review of Online & Offline Character Recognition

Author(s): Dalbir#1, Sanjiv Kumar Singh#2 

Title : An Efficient Sdmpc Metric Based Approach For Refactoring Software Code

Author(s): B Ramalkshmi1, D Gayathri Devi2

Title : Word Sense Disambiguation: A Survey

Author(s): Purabi Kalita, Anup Kumar Barman

Title : Increasing of CIR Performance of the OFDM System without Increasing Hardware Complexity

Author(s): Macharla Prasad, 

Title : Implementation of a visible and invisible video watermarking technique

Author(s): K. Shamini, C. Bhagya, M. Sri Sowmya 

Title : AppML : An Idea of Mordern Web Development

Author(s): Miss Priyanka Mangal1 Mr. Akhilesh Dubey2

Title : Flight Delay Prediction System Using Weighted Multiple Linear Regression

Author(s): Sruti Oza1, Somya Sharma2, Hetal Sangoi3, Rutuja Raut4, V.C. Kotak5 

Title : A Survey of different decoding schemes for LDPC block codes

Author(s): Sonia1,Geeta Arora2

Title : Heat Template Generator in Openstack

Author(s): Prashant Sangale, Bharati Ainapure Kedar V. Kulkarni, Shrikant Gangade, Sujay Bothe 

Title : Efficient Multiclass Classification Model For Imbalanced Data.

Author(s):  Mr. Roshan M.Pote 1,  Prof. Mr. Shrikant P. Akarte 2

Title : High Speed Fused Add-Multiply Operator Design  Based On SQRT-CSLA Adder

Author(s):  Vidya Baby, 

Title : “An Effective Image Encryption Based On The Combination Of Scan And Elgamal Method”

Author(s):  Mr. Ravi Mohan 1 Hira Lal Dhruw2 Raghvendra3

Title : Text Extraction From Images With Edge-Enhanced Mser And Hardware Interfacing Using Arduino

Author(s):  1G. Nagaraju, 2Dr. P. V. Ramaraju, 3P.M.M.P.Sandeep, 3 SK.Mansoor Nawaz, 3S.Kiran Bhargav, 3M.Swaroop kiran 

Title : A Hybrid Encryption Algorithm Based on DES and RSA In Bluetooth Communication

Author(s):  1S.Prabhakar, 2Cha. Swamy, 3 S.Ravi   Kumar

Title : Transformerless Inverter With Virtual Dc Bus Concept For Cost-Effective Grid-Connected Pv Power Systems

Author(s):  Dr.V.Balakrishna Reddy1, Mohd.Mastafa2

Title : Secure Scheme over private Cloud data supporting Semantic Relation

Author(s):  Sayli Bahekar1, Jyoti NIkam2 

Title : Artificial Intelligence Based Speed Control of Induction Motor- A Detailed Study

Author(s):  Sarath S Kumar1 Sibu C M2

Title : A Design of Low Power Low Area High Speed Full Adder Using GDI Technique

Author(s):  M . Lakshmi Mohini, V. Ramesh

Title : Design And Implementation Of High Efficient And Performance Of Modified Adder Circuit Using 128 Bit CSLA And BEC Adder For Filter Design 

Author(s):  Mrs. K. Ramya, Mr. S. Sakthivel M.E 

Title : Power Reduction with FlipFlop Grouping in Data Driven Clock Gating

Author(s):  T.Naresh, M.Lakshmi Kiran

Title : Implementation of Digital Pixel Sensor Based Parallel Architecture For Automatic Braking System in Automobiles

Author(s):  G. Kavitha, K.S. Md. Musa Mohinuddin

Title : Non-Linear Data Perturbation Method for Privacy Preserving Data Mining

Author(s):  Dr.M.Gopichand 

Title : Intrusion Detection in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks using Multi-layer Multi Detector Approach

Author(s):  Ms.Smita H.Karande1, Mr.S.P.Kosbatwar2

Title : Black Hole detection and avoidance in mobile Adhoc Networks  

Author(s):  Asha Guddadavar , Bagali Ashvini A

Title : Personal Emergency Notification Application for Mobile Devices  

Author(s):  Akansha Raj1, Asmita Pawar 2, Ganesh M. Gaikwad3

Title : An approach to implement Energy Efficiency for MAC Protocol in WSN

Author(s):  Arpita Sharma1, Dr. Narendra Singh Yadav2

Title : iSearch-Enterprise Search Solution

Author(s):  Seema Mahajan1, Soumya Bidarkote2, Rohit Miragane3 , Pooja Kulkarni4

Title : Denoising Of Medical Ultrasound Images In Wavelet Domain

Author(s):  Amit Jain 

Title : Mammogram Image Preprocessing for detection of masses in Breast Cancer 

Author(s):  Mrs. Sandhya G, Dr. D Vasumathi, Dr. G T Raju

Title : Re-Encryption with Attribute Key Management for Secure Transactions in Cloud 

Author(s):  Yugesh Mothukuru and K. John Singh

Title : PAPR and SNR performance analysis of IFDMA and LFDMA technique in a single carrier frequency division multiple access system

Author(s):  Suyash Kumar Singh1,Manish Kumar Patidar2

Title : A survey on Efficient Geographic Multicasting Protocol 

Author(s):  Kalyani S Kumar

Title : Temperature control of CSTR using PID  Controller 

Author(s):  Rubi#1, Vipul Agarwal*2 ,Anuj Deo#3, Nitin Kumar#4 

Title : Various Bit-Rotation Technique On Key-Symmetric Matrix

Author(s):  Mampa Ghosh1, Debjani Chakraborty2

Title : Feature Based Detection Of Liver Tumor Using K-Means Clustering And Classifying Using Probabilistic Neural Networks

Author(s):  1Dr. P. V. Ramaraju, 1G. Nagaraju, 3V.D.V.N.S. Prasanth, 3B. Tripura sankar, 3P. Krishna, 3V. Venkat reddy

Title : Potential Of Replication In Distibuted R.T.D.B.

Author(s):  Er. Anup lal Yadav, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Kavita

Title : To Know About The Latest Bluetooth As A Wireless Technology

Author(s):  Er. Anup lal Yadav, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Kavita

Title : Optimization of Search Engine contents

Author(s):  Gaurish Kamat [1], Viraj Kochure [2], Tushar Patil [3], Utkirna Shinde [4], Leena Deshpande[5] 

Title : Spatial And Temporal Characterization Of 433mhz Radio Base Wsn In Outdoor Environment

Author(s):  Oraetue Chijioke Dennis1, Azubogu A. C. O2, Nwalozie  G. C3

Title : A Survey on Different Methods for Design of Sparse FIR Filter

Author(s):  Navreet Kaur , Ankur Singhal

Title : Comparative study and evaluation of various data classification techniques in data mining

Author(s):  Vivek Verma1, Ram Nivas Giri2

Title : A Survey on Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Network 

Author(s):  Nidhi Chaudhary, Sahil Gupta

Title : Search Engine Results Clustering Using TF-IDF Based Apriori Approach 

Author(s):  Hetal C. Chaudhari1, K. P.Wagh2 and P.N.Chatur3

Title : Design and Optimization of Planar Antenna  With horizontal slit for ISM Band(2.4 GHz) Applications

Author(s):  Parthrajsinh K. Jhala1, S.Sreenath Kashyap2,

Title : Designing of Hydraulic Ram Pump

Author(s):  Rohan.D.Balgude 1, Swapnil.P.Rupanavar2, Pradeep.S.Bagul3 ,Asst Prof. Manoday.R.Ramteke4

Title : Image steganography for hiding videos

Author(s):  Ms.A.Lavanya ,   Mr.D.Jayakumar M.Tech., 

Title : Tracking And Scheduling of State Transport Bus using RFID

Author(s):  Prof. A. M. Magar,Akshay A. Kulkarni,Akshay S. Kyatam

Title : Design of Environment Monitoring and Control System

Author(s):  Er.Satvir Singh1 , Dr.Rajeshwar Singh2

Title : An Optimized Image Encryption Technique for Multikey conservative chaotic system

Author(s):  1P.T.Bhuvana, 2L.Thirumal,

Title : An Experimental Study of Data Mining Techniques in  Blood Donors Sector

Author(s):  1Deepthi Srambical Poulose and 2Dinesh Kumar Sahu and 3Anil Rajput

Title : Visual Cryptography and BPCS Steganography for Data Shielding

Author(s):  Prashant Lahane, Yashashri Kumbhar, Suraj Patil, Swati More, Meenali Barse

Title : Hidden Markov Model With Biclustering Cache Replacement Policy For Location Based Services In MANET

Author(s):  Ms. Bhakti D. Shelar 1, Mr. D. K. Chitre 2

Title : Compression On Wireless Sensor Network With Performance Guarantee

Author(s):  Reshma Mary Abraham, Dr. P. Sriramya 

Title : Secure Role Based Cloud System By Integrating Trust and Role Based Encryption Scheme

Author(s):  Bokefode Jayant D1, Ubale Swapnaja A.2, Pingale Subhash V. 3, Rajguru Abhijit A.4 

Title : Modelling And Simulation Of STATCOM For Compensation Of Reactive Power To Improving The Power Quality By Using PI With Fuzzy Logic Controller

Author(s):  B Suresh Kumar1 Thirupathi Rao D2 SK Gouse Basheed3


Title : Ingenious Armor For A well Being Society

Author(s):  A.Ramakrishna,E.Bhavya, G.K.Madhavi, B.V.D.N.Manoj, G.Malleswara Rao, D.Rajshekar 

Title : Wireless Networks – Analysis on Prevention of Jamming Attacks

Author(s):  Ramesh Kumar Mojjada

Title : Web Data Extraction Using Partial Tree Alignment

Author(s):  M.Mangala Nachar1 B.Vinitha Subhasini2

Title : Better Performance Codes Of UWB Based Systems For Wireless Body Area Network

Author(s):  Gundeep Kaur 

Title : Towards Secure and Dependable Message Authentication in WSN

Author(s):  Kavitha M1, Rekah H2, Dr. Siddappa M3

Title : A Traffic Model for Routing Logic in Network On Chip 

Author(s):  C.G. Joy Merline1, R.S. Niveditha2

Title : A 16-Bit Ripple Carry Adder Design Using High Speed Modified Feedthrough Logic

Author(s):  Avinash Singh1, Dr. Subodh Wairya2

Title : Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks

Author(s):  Ms.S.Iswary, Mr.D.Jayakumar 

Title : An Efficient Authentication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s):  Alok Kumar1, Akhilesh Yadav2 

Title : Comparative Study of Some Engineering Properties of Aluminium Roof Sheets Manufactured In Nigeria and China

Author(s):  Obam, Sylvester Ogah1 (Corresponding author) and Taku, Kumator Josiphiah2

Title : Leveraging Social Networks for P2P Content-Based File Sharing in Disconnected MANETs

Author(s):  Bhuvaneshwari D1, P Sreelakshmi2 

Title : Hybrid Stegnography using ImagesVaried PVD+ LSB Detection Program

Author(s):  Shruti 

Title : Anonymous Authentication of Cloud Data Storage using Decentralized Access Control

Author(s):  Aatreyi Ravikumar1, Harshitha S1, Meghana M1, Mr. Anand M2

Title : Efficient Technique for Providing Authentication of Short Encrypted Messages

Author(s):  T Vijaya1, Sivagama Sundari G2 

Title : Performance Evaluation Of PAPR Reduction In OFDM System Using Non Linear Companding Transform

Author(s):  P.Chaitanya (Pg Scholar) 1Mr. Ch. Rajendra Prasad M.Tech 2

Title : A Method For Measuring The Accuracy Of Multi-Modal Medical Image Fusion Using Non-Subsampled Contour Transform And Pulse Couple Neural Network

Author(s):  Bharati R Bharambe1, Prof.D.J.Agrawal2

Title : Comparison of Image Fusion Techniques: Spatial and Transform Domain based Techniques

Author(s):  Veerpal Kaur1, Jaspreet Kaur2 

Title : Geographical Image Retrieval

Author(s):  Preeti Yadav1, Tasneem Mirza2 

Title : PlSI Is A Way To Summarize The Search Result

Author(s):  Rachana C. Patil1, Prof. S. R. Durugkar2

Title : Text Detection and Character Segmentation from Natural Scene Images Based Using Graph Cut Labeling

Author(s):  Shruthi .V 1,  Sunitha. R 2 

Title : Implementation of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)   Decoder for Medical Video Applications

Author(s):  Sunitha N 1 , Sunitha R 2

Title : Hybrid Approach For Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s):  Honey Soni, Himanshu Soni 

Title : Categorization of Text into Appropriate Sentiment for Automatic Synthesis of Expressive Speech

Author(s):  Sayeda Swaleha Peerzade,  Prof. Ramesh Bhat

Title : A Survey on Speech Enhancement Techniques

Author(s):  Rohini Kochar  , Ankur  Singhal , Anil Garg

Title : Hybrid Intrusion Detection Architecture for Cloud Environment

Author(s):  Sumalatha Potteti1, Namita Parati2

Title : Power Aware Cluster Based Routing With Sleep Scheduling in WSN (PACBR)

Author(s):  Broshni Cyriac1, Manoj R.2 

Title : Prevention And Elimination Of Vampire Attacks That Drains Life From WSN Using IDS

Author(s):  Archana Krishnan1, Mr. Manoj. R2

Title : Content Dependent Video Retrieval System

Author(s):  Aditi P. Sangale1, Santosh R. Durugkar2

Title : Security in Wireless Sensor Networks using Trust Based Distance Bounding

Author(s):  Parvathy Menon1, Associate Prof.Deepa S Kumar2, Prof.M Abdul Rahiman3

Title : A Review Paper On The Performance Analysis Of LMPC & MPC For Energy Efficient In Underwater Sensor Networks

Author(s):  Supreet Kaur 

Title : An Energy Efficient Multichannel Mac Provisioning In MANETS

Author(s):  1M. Nivetha, 2 C.Rajinikanth

Title : Flexibility Analysis of A Bare Pipe Line Used For Cryo Application

Author(s):  Vansylic Israel Pintu J1 & Dr. Manivannan2 Jeremiah JothiRaj 3

Title : Parametric Modeling & Study Of Structural Characterics Of Wind Turbine Blade

Author(s):  A.Sethu Ramalingam,. Dr.S.Rajakumar.

Title : Extended Two Phase Commit Protocal In Real Time Distributed Database System

Author(s):  Sanjeev Kumar Singh Kushwaha

Title : Performance Evaluation of Various Cluster based OFDM Schemes

Author(s):  Ruchi Gupta1, Sumita Mishra2, Brajesh Kumar Gupta3

Title : Finite Element Analysis on the Structural Behaviour of Bolted Joints

Author(s):  Naveenkumar P1  Dr. Manivannan A2

Title : Survey on Data Extraction and Annotation Methods

Author(s):  1Tushar Jadhav, 2Santosh Chobe

Title : An Efficient Design and Implementation of ALU using Gated Diffusion Index

Author(s):  K. Lakshmi Swetha, K. Kalpana 

Title : Design and Parametric Optimization Of Heavy Duty Leaf Spring

Author(s):  Vasanth G1,Manivannan A2

Title : Steganography in True Color Images Using Even Odd Bit Slicing

Author(s):  Sandeep Singh1, Jaspreet Kaur2

Title : A Novel Semi Automatic Web Composition for Users Social Interactions 

Author(s):  Mrs. K. Krishna M.Sc , M.Phil, M.E.1,  Dr. D.Murugan M.E, Ph.D2

Title : Performance Analysis Of Various Phases Of Srm With Classical & New Compact Converter

Author(s):  S.M.Mohamed Saleem, L.Senthil Murugan

Title : Design and Development of MANETs with Quality of Service Parameters

Author(s):  Meena Rao1,2 , Neeta Singh2

Title : Computational Intelligence for fault detection in power distribution network  using ANN

Author(s):  T C srinivasa rao*, Dr.S.S Tulasi Ram**, Dr.J.B.V.Subrahmanyam

Title : Optimal placement of DG in a Distributed Generation Environment 

Author(s):  Mr.T.C.Subramanyam*, Dr.S.S Tulasi Ram**, Dr.J.B.V.Subrahmanyam



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