Title : Bit Error Rate Analytical Approach For Different Modulation Techniques Based On Comparison Of Conventional And Wavelet Based OFDM LTE Mechanisms

Author(s):  Vikas Kumar, Er. Mukesh Kumar, Prof. A.K.Jaiswal, Dr. Rajeev Paulus, Er. Rohini Saxena, Bhupendra Kumar 

Title : A Novel Papr Reduction Approach Based On The Weighted OFD Algorithm

Author(s):  Bhupendra Kumar, Dr. Anil Kumar, Prof. A.K.Jaiswal, Er. Mayur Kumar, Er. Neelesh Agrawal, Vikas Kumar

Title : Performance Analysis of OTDM System at the Different Data Rate

Author(s):  Akriti Gupta1 Jyotsana2 and Himali3 

Title : Quantum Cryptography, its Protocols and Techniques 

Author(s):  Manimozhi Iyer1, Deepika Vasudevan2, Tejaswini B. S.3, Vidya Sri M4, 

Title : Survey on security and privacy issues of Wireless Sensor Network 

Author(s):  Seema Mane, Madhur Patrikar 

Title : Interactive Image Segmentation Using Combined MRF and Ant Colony Optimization

Author(s): Vrushali D. Mendhule1, Gaurav Soni2, Alesh Sharma3

Title : 32nm Based High-Speed Low-Power Calibrated Flash ADC comparator with improved ENOB

Author(s): 1P.Chandrayudu, 2P.Tejashwini 

Title : Low Power Modeling Of Topologically Compressed Static Flip-Flop.

Author(s): 1B. Murali,2 Gundlapalle Rajesh, 3Dr.V.Thrimurthulu

Title : Design And Implementation Of Accelerometer Based Wireless Gesture Controlled Rover

Author(s): Shanoob.A.P1, Mibin.B2, Nidheesh.M.Kaimal3, Gokul.R.Sekhar4, Rahul.R.Sekhar56M.Mukundakumar, 7Sudheer.V.R

Title : Simulation Of Echo Canceller For Network Extender

Author(s): Mr.Sumant Banakar, Mrs.Vennila, Mr.Kesavarao Vetapalem, Mr.Ashoka Halabhavi

Title : Local Independent Projection Based Classification Using Fuzzy Clustering

Author(s): R.Sathya, Mrs.M.Saraswathi

Title : LTE-Advanced: Femtocell Perspective

Author(s): Nabin Kumar 

Title :Experimental investigation on different properties of hazardous incinerator bottom ash concrete

Author(s): V.Manjunatha, Dr V.Ramesh 

Title :Properties of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Ash in Concrete

Author(s): S.Deepak, Dr V.Ramesh 

Title :A Review on Various Approaches Utilized for image segmentation  

Author(s): Sudhanshu Vashistha, Er. Surbhi Gupta 

Title :A Review on Load Balancing In Cloud Computing

Author(s): 1Peenaz Pathak,2Er.Kamna Mahajan

Title : Online Polling System Using Extended Visual Cryptography

Author(s):Pooja Jadhav, Mayuri Pawar, Pramod Ahire, Vishesh Kumar, Prof J.B. Kulkarni 

Title : AppML :EETSR: Energy Efficient Threshold Sensitive Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Pinkey Bhati1, Dr. Raj Dev Tiwari2


Title :  Solar Irradiance Measurement Using Neuro Fuzzy Network

Author(s): Meega T1, Kumarasabapathy N2 

Title :  Power Flow Control in Transmission Line Using IPFC Equipped with Fuzzy Logic Controller

Author(s): Yogesh Kumar1  Bipul Kunj2  Navita3                                                                                

Title :  Closed Loop Control System and Remote Monitoring In Agriculture for Social Modernization

Author(s): Siva Naga Syam Kumar Perisetti, P.Sudhakara Rao                                                                         

Title :  Design and Analysis of Hexagonal Fractal Antenna for UWB Application

Author(s): Komal Tanwar*, Naman Bhargava**, Suraj Nagpal*** 

Title : Privacy Preserving Public Auditing Mechanism For Shared Data In Cloud Computing Environment With Dynamic Groups

Author(s): Mrs. Suvarna L. kattimani1, Mr. Aniruddha A. Atwadkar2, Dr Suvarna Nandyal3 

Title : Systematic Approach to Extract Medical Relations using Machine Learning Approach

Author(s):Megha M Khanikar, Ramesh Bhat 

Title :  Indepth Packet Inspection Using Modified Enhanced  Multipattern Matching Algorithm

Author(s):  Hina Naz

Title :  A Comprehensive Survey on Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)

Author(s):  Pooja Kumari1, Puneet Rani2 

Title :  Implementation of an Android Application for Management of a Housing Society

Author(s):  Omkar Singh1, Aditee Lakhan2, Jyoti Gupta3 

Title :  Cognitive Radios Spectrum Sensing Using Cyclic Detection by Wavelength Assignment

Author(s): Sumeet Singh1 , Mrs. Mandeep Kaur2


Title :  A Comparative Performance Analysis of AODV and DSR Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)

Author(s):Neha Garg1, Puneet Rani2 

Title :  A Comparative Performance Analysis of AODV and DSR Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)

Author(s):Neha Garg1, Puneet Rani2 

Title : Graphical Modularity Analysis Using Force Directed Approach

Author(s): Syed Hasan Saeed

Title : Brief Literature Survey on WSN Routing Protocols 

Author(s): Dinesh Kumar2, Prabhjot Singh Sandhu2 

Title : Performance Analysis On Concrete Photovoltaic/Thermal Water Collectors

Author(s): M.Sridharan1,a, K.Anabayan1,b S. Naveen kumar2 R.Varadharajan3

Title : Sensor-based System for Monitoring of Child movements & falls

Author(s): Jayashree O. Nehete1, D.G.Agrawal2 

Title :Design secure sharing protocol 

Author(s): Kamini H. Gonnade, Fazeel Zama

Title :Data Dictionary Based Mechanism against SQL Injection Attacks 

Author(s): Biji.K.P.1 

Title : A Review On Comparative Analysis Of Different Transport Layer Protocols In MANETs

Author(s): Er. Amritpal Kaur, Er.Pooja Rani

Title :A Novel Data Hiding Scheme Based on Fused Adaptive and Non-adaptive Technique

Author(s): Palak V. Keshwani1, Rakesh K. Khare2


Title :Experimental Investigation Of Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Tamanu Oil As Alternative Fuel In Ci Engine

Author(s): G. Deepankumar

Title : Digital Signal Processing For Optical OFDM Based Future Optical Networks

Author(s): K.Vishalakshi, A.Rajendra Babu, 

Title : Design of high performance SRAM cell using 12T MTCMOS Technology

Author(s): M. Gangasukanya,  P. Asiya Thapaswin 

Title : FPGA Design Of High Throughput STBC-OFDM System For Low Power Applications 

Author(s): Mr.A.Muthumanicckam 1 , Mrs.R.Sornalatha2,Mr.L.Vijay prabakaran

Title : Study of Characteristics Performance of VCR Engine for Different Fuels 

Author(s): Vishwanath Shavi1  Adiveppa Ramapuri2  Chetan Mirje3 Manjunath Mathapati4 R V Nyamagoud5 

Title : Design ALU Based online BIST for Multi word-width RAM’s 

Author(s): K V S Sree SailajaaVidyadhari,  Sanath Kumar Tulasi, Tulasi Sanath Kunar

Title : Smart Vehicle Security System Using GSM & GPS 

Author(s): Bhumi Bhatt1, Purvi Kalani2, Nayanaben Parmar3, Nikunj Shingala4

Title : An Efficient Trip Planner for Time Dependent Road Networks

Author(s): Sithara M P1, Varsha C2 

Title : A Review on Various Data Routing Techniques in WSN Communication

Author(s): Guraneet Kaur1, Rakesh Gandhi2 

Title : Enhancing TCP in mixed wired wireless environment using Time Agents

Author(s): Ashwini A. Jewalikar ,Ratnamala S. Paswan 

Title : Analysis Of Emotion Recognition System Through Speech Signal Using KNN, GMM & SVM Classifier

Author(s): Chandra Praksah , Prof. V. B. Gaikwad 

Title : Design and Construction of Groundnut Oil Expeller

Author(s): Akerele O. V. and *Ejiko, S.O

Title : Study of Enhancing ARM Algorithms with Map Reduce Framework

Author(s):K.Mangayarkkarasi 1 ,  M.Chidambaram2 

Title :Unit Level Web Databases Searching

Author(s):Gowri P * Konda Reddy R                                                

Title :Cross-Layer Approach for Minimizing Routing Disruption with Load Balancing in IP Networks

Author(s):Mr. Mahalingesh Honnalli1 , Mr. Santosh S. Dewar2

Title :Energy Efficient Load Balanced Multipath Routing in MANET

Author(s):Simranjeet Kaur1, Suveg Moudgil2, Tarunpreet Bhatia3

Title :Attenuation of Geopathic Stress by Using NAAVRAJ Attenuation Technique

Author(s):Raviraj R Sorate1, Avinash G Kharat 2, Mayur Shivshette3, Aditya Desai3, Prashant Sontakke3, Pranita Ekal3, Monali Nandgude3. 

Title : Implementation Of User Define Kernel For Non-Linear Data Classification In Support Vector Machine

Author(s):Vivek verma1, ram nivas giri2,  

Title : An Efficient Distributed Congestion Control Protocol with Stability and Fairness

Author(s)Vikram .A 


Title : ProfsApp: Android App for Professional Networking and Resume Sharing

Author(s)Lata Sankpal#1,Neha Tawar#2,Saurabh Rai#3, Surabh shah#4 

Title : WiMAX Tracker

Author(s)Manoj Kumar 

Title : Survey on Data Mining and IP Traceback Technique in DDoS Attack

Author(s)Aakriti Aggarwal1 Ankur Gupta2 

Title : Implementing Java Distributed Objects

Author(s)Meenakshi#1, Sanjiv Kumar Singh#2 

Title : Designing and Implementation of Iris recognition System Using Morphological Bridged Canny Edge Detection and KNN ClassifierDesigning and Implementation of Iris recognition System Using Morphological Bridged Canny Edge Detection and KNN Classifier

Author(s)1Shrishti Pardhi, 2Shahana Gajala Qureshi 

Title : Securing Hadoop Using Layered Approach

Author(s)Nawghare Pushpmala S. 

Title : Indoor Positioning System for Retail

Author(s)Ashok Yalamanchili, Venkatesh Babu 

Title : Design and Performance Analysis of LC Oscillator and VCO for ISM and WI-FI Band Applications

Author(s)Mr. Jayant P. Sakurikar1, Asst. Prof. Divyanshu Rao2, Prof. Ravi Mohan3 

Title : The Theory of Changes in Extreme Conditions The Properties and Trends of Changes and Movements The Theory of the Dynamic Structures

Author(s)Yu Han

Title : Performance analysis of Symmetric Key Algorithms: DES, AES and Blowfish for Image encryption and decryption

Author(s):Aarti Devi1, Ankush Sharma2, Anamika Rangra3 

Title : Enhanced Vulnerability Analysis For Clickjacking Web Attack And Providing Security Using Whitelisting URL Analyzer

Author(s)D.Kavitha, S.Ravikumar

Title : Improving SNR Of Radar Signal Using Wavelet De-Noising Scheme



Title : Reliability and Availability of FSO for different Weather Conditions

Author(s)Priyanka Sharma, Himali Sarangal, Jyoteesh Malhotra


Title : Building an Interactive environs for Blind Students with RFID Tech-nology.

Author(s)Shekhar R1 Suhas Dattatreya

Title : Privacy Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data 

Author(s)Remya P.S Puliparambil, Selvi U

Title : Cloud Data Center's Resource Provisioning With Secured Mining In Distributed Mechanism

Author(s)Ms. Anju Aravind K1, Dr. T. Senthil Prakash M.Phil, Ph.D2, Mr. M. Rajesh M.E, (Ph.D)

Title : Social Network Based Security Schema for Botnet Detection and prevention

Author(s)Ms. Geerthidevi K G, Dr. T. Senthil Prakash M.Phil., Ph.D, Ms. S. Tharani

Title : Implementing Actual Working Like Intuition Mechanism In Artificial Neural Network

Author(s)Mr.Vivek B. Patil 

Title : Dynamic Trust and Security Management Protocol For Delay Tolerant Networks using Information centric-Networks Architecture 

Author(s)Mrs. Suvarna L. kattimani, Mr. Jaeerahmad N. Indikar 

Title : Deliverable Management In Projects

Author(s)Aditya A Shrivastava1, Dr S. Hariharan2 

Title : Study on Mining Weighted Infrequent Item sets Using FP Growth

Author(s)K.Hemanthakumar1, J.Nagamuneiah2

Title : Activities Log In Enterprise Social Network- A Review 

Author(s)Rajesh V N1 Bharath T S2 M Siddappa3 

Title : An Introduction of Cloud Computing Security and Privacy Issues in IT Industries 

Author(s)Varuna Upadhyay, Dr. Ashok Jain 

Title : Design of Enhanced Entropy based Feature for CBIR

Author(s):Poonam Yadav 

Title : Review: Applications of Ant Colony Optimization

Author(s)K. R. Hole1, R. A. Meshram2, P. P. Deshmukh3

Title : Multiparty Access Control and Content Based Filtering for Online Social Networks

Author(s)1 J.Sinduja, 2 R.China Appala Naidu 

Title : Proposed Method for Securing Image Using Visual Cryptography

Author(s)Ankush Sharma1, Aarti Devi2, Anamika Rangra3, Gandharv Singh4 

Title : A Comprehensive Survey on Hidden Web Crawler

Author(s)Khushboo Gupta1, Ankush Goyal2


Title : Cloud Architecture for Big Data

Author(s)Pramila Joshi 

Title : Anatomization of Medical Image Segmentation with Novel Proposal

Author(s):Nagaraja G1 G.Pradeep Reddy2 

Title : Review of model based approach for automating the test case generation for Object Oriented Systems.

Author(s):Rajvir Singh1, Preeti2


Title : Rain Streaks Removal from Single Image

Author(s)Shalaka Mhetre1, Prof.P.M.Patil2, Prof.Sameer Borgohain3 

Title : Extended Approach of Visual Secret Sharing for Digital Images 

Author(s)Khemutai Tighare1, Chetan Bawankar2

Title : Extended Approach of Visual Secret Sharing for Digital Images 

Author(s)Khemutai Tighare1, Chetan Bawankar2

Title : A  New Approach to Automatic Generation of  All Quadrilateral Finite Element Mesh for Planar Multiply Connected Regions

Author(s):H.T. Rathod a* , K.V.Vijayakumar b , A. S. Hariprasad c , K. Sugantha Devi d , C.S.Nagabhushana e


Title : Generating Private Recommendations Using ElGamal Homomorphic Encryption 

Author(s):Patil Maulik Y 1, Manjusha Yeola2 

Title : A Computational Approach for Better Classification of Breast Cancer using GeneticAlgorithm 

Author(s):Prakash Bethapudi 1, E.SreenivasaReddy 2, T.Sitamahalakshmi

Title : Development Of Mobile Payment System: An Implementation Of Cashless Economy 

Author(s):Akobundu, Chinyere Ihuoma, Dr. Mrs. Agu, M. N., Nnakwuzie, Doris Nkechi


Title : Query Recommendation Approach For Searching Database Using Search Engine

Author(s):Priyanka Rani, Mrs. Annu Mor 

Title : A review on markov models and web page prediction

Author(s):1Er. Manisha Dhull,2Dr.Meenakshi Sharma 

Title : Smart Diabater: Android Based Diabetics System

Author(s):Roshan V. Sawarkar1, Mahadev S. Patil2

Title : SCORM/AICC Compliance in Learning Management System and e-Learning: A Survey 

Author(s):R.Sivakami, G.Anna Poorani

Title : Electronic Products and E-Waste Management –an approach to minimize & Regulate e-Waste in country, India

Author(s):Aditya Sharmaa*, M.Sharmac, A Sudhakarb

Title : Introduction of Hadamard Coded Modulation For Optical fiber communications systems

Author(s):Yashwant Kumar 

Title : Introduction of Hadamard Coded Modulation For Optical fiber communications systems (2)

Author(s)Rajveer Kaur1, Er. Gurpreet Kaur2 

Title : Survey On Automatic Cancer Detection And Diagnosis

Author(s)Anjali Vijayan1, Seena Thomas2

Title :Novel Technique for Parallel Pipeline Double Precision IEEE-754 Floating Point Adder

Author(s)Shrikant Fulzele1, Prof. Venkat Ghodke2 

Title :Novel Technique for Parallel Pipeline Double Precision IEEE-754 Floating Point Adder

Author(s)Shrikant Fulzele1, Prof. Venkat Ghodke2 

Title :A Survey On Routing Issues And Routing Protocols In Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s)Anbumalar.S1, Prabhadevi.S2 

Title :Comparative Scenario between Grid and Grid based Cluster network in Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s)Honey Soni, Himanshu Soni

Title : A Review on Location Aided Routing Protocol in Mobile Adhoc Networks

Author(s)Arwinder Kaur1, Meenakshi Bansal2 

Title : A Hybrid Approach to Social Context Based Scalable Recommender System

Author(s)M. Jothi1, B. Chandra2 

Title : Improved Dominant Brightness Level Based Color Image Enhancemrnt Using Bilateral Filter 

Author(s)Geetika Mahajan1  Prof. Aman Arora2 

Title : Recognition Text for Liver Cell Lab Reports Based on Hybrid HMM Approach

Author(s)K.Lokanayaki1, Dr.A.Malathi2 

Title : Congestion Control Load Balancing Scheme Intended for Improving Performance of MANET

Author(s)Smita Verma1, Deepanjali Joshi2, Ravi Singh Pippal3

Title : Vision Assisted Web structure and Data Extraction Methods 

Author(s)Kumud Jaglan1, Dr. Kulvinder Singh2



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