Title : Computer as An Essential Tool For Teaching and Learning In the Modern World: Case Study of Selected Secondary School within the Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, Borno State

Author(s): Adati E. Chahari

Title : An Approach to Implement Map Reduce with NoSQL Databases

Author(s): Ashutosh Singh Chauhan1, Anjali Kedawat2, Pooja Parnami3


Title : An Enhanced General Self-Organized Tree-Based Energy-Balance Routing Protocol (EGSTEB) for Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): 1Sreela E. K., 2Asha G. 

Title : Study of Grid and Cluster based Network in Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Honey Soni, Himanshu Soni

Title : Real-Time GPS/GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking System

Author(s): Mohammed Baqer M. Kamel


Title : Impact of Cloud Based Services on Mental Health

Author(s): Brijesh K. Upadhayay, Dr. Vaibhav Bansal

Title : A Novel Approach For Medical Image Fusion Based On NSCT Theory

Author(s): Yaduru Shilpa Pg Student 1 Dr. P. Abdul Khayum Professor 2


Title : Forestalling Against Data Breaching

Author(s): Gautam Chaturvedi 1, Shubha Chaturvedi 2, Minal Agarwal 

Title : Identification of User Search Behavior through Task Trail Clustering

Author(s): 1Hima G., 2Jasila E.K. 


Title : Watermarking For Digital Content- A SURVEY

Author(s): I.Kalaivani1, R.R.Bhavani2 

Title : An Enhancement on EASR Method for Sink Relocation in Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): 1Bahjasra A. , 2Asha G.


Title : Study of Cryptography and Steganography System

Author(s): Md. Khalid Imam Rahmani1,Mr.Amit Kumar Goyal2 Manisha Mudgal3 

Title : Macs of Traction

Author(s): K.Sandeep1, K.Sathish Kumar 2m.Tech


Title : A 16-Core Processor with Shared-Memory and Message-Passing Communications

Author(s): Shaik Mahmed basha, G.Nageswararao,(phD) 

Title : Efficient Incremental Clustering of Documents based on Correlation

Author(s): A.Devender, B.Srinivas, A.Ashok 


Title : High Gain Multi Level Dual Load SEPIC Converter for Incremental Conductance MPPT

Author(s): B. Narasimha Rao, Mrs. Alamuru Vani 

Title : A Survey on Detection and Prevention of Black Hole & Gray hole attack in MANET

Author(s): Monika1,  Swati Gupta2


Title : Assessment Of Computer Managed Instruction For IMO State University, Nigeria

Author(s): 1Ekwonwune Emmanuel Nwabueze, 1Ibebuogu Chinwe, 2Sam Ekeke Doris, 3Ayiam Chukwuma 

Title : Design of a Sun Tracker with Position Display

Author(s): Anindita Sinha1, Moushumi Das2, Jayashree Singha3


Title : Design and Implementation of Vedic Algorithm using Reversible Logic Gates

Author(s): Hemangi P.Patil1, S.D. Sawant2 

Title : Reduction Of Switching Activity In Noc By Using Data Encoding Schemes

Author(s): Y.Supraja, R.S.Pratap Singh


Title : Transformation-based Optimizations Framework (ToF) for Workflows and its Security issues in the Cloud Computing

Author(s): S.Neelakandan1, S.Muthukumaran2 

Title : LTE-Advanced communication using in Femtocells Perspective.

Author(s): 1bhupendra Kumar, 2dr. Ganesh Prasad & 3madhuresh Kumar

Title : Review Paper on Various Data Hiding Techniques

Author(s): Ramandip singh1, sukhmeet kaur2


Title : Optimized Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Approach Based On Phase Congruency And Directive Contrast In Nsct Domain

Author(s): Kolusu Varalakshmi1 N.Raj Kumar2 

Title : Papr Reduction In Ofdm System By Using Clipping And Filtering And Weighted Method

Author(s): S. Murali Krishna1 R. Sudheer Babu2 


Title : Prevention Of Cross Site Scripting Attack Using Filters By String  Based Approach

Author(s): S. Karthika Devi, Dr.E. Ramaraj2, 

Title : An Algorithmic approach to improve Network Performance for 1G-EPON

Author(s): Dr. Vibhakar Shrimali1, Dr. Sibaram Khara2, Mr. Abhishek Gaur3

Title : SQL Injection Detection Based On Replacing The SQL Query Parameter Values

Author(s): R.Latha1, Dr.E. Ramaraj2

Title : Data Center Management: Viewing Racks in the Network through Dot net platform

Author(s): Ahad Abdullah


Title : Space Time Block Codes With Spatial Modulation

Author(s): P.V.N.Lekhya (M.Tech) 1 D.R.Srinivas, M.S., (Ph.D) 2 

Title : Data Encoding And Decoding Techniques For NOC Applications

Author(s): Swetha M1, Mr. Sunil G2

Title : Inter frame Video Duplication Forgery Detection: A Review

Author(s): Harmanpreet Kaur1, Manpreet Kaur 2


Title : A Rational Approach on Model Based Slicing

Author(s): Tamanna1 , Dr. Sukhvir Singh2 

Title : A Review of Web Forum Crawling Techniques

Author(s): Priyanka Bandagale1, Dr.Lata Ragha2, Atiya Kazi3


Title : Interactive Dustbin

Author(s): Krutika Agrawal1 

Title : Profit Maximization Of SAAS By Reusing The Available VM Space In Cloud Computing

Author(s): Richa1, Hari Singh2

Title : Building Secure, Concurrent, Distributed DBaaS with Confidential Data over Threshold Access Structure

Author(s): A.Blessy1, Varun Chand2 

Title : Aperiodic task Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprocessor systems in Real Time environment 

Author(s): Nirmala H[1], Dr.Girijamma [2]


Title : Improved Degraded Document Image Binarization Using DBMF And Edge Pixel Stroke

Author(s): Tarnjot Kaur Gill, Mr.Aman Arora 

Title : Weighted Guided Image Filtering For Image Fusion

Author(s): Shilpa Mohanan

Title : Resourceful Power Aware Routing Protocol in MANET

Author(s): Shakti Arora1, Ayushi2 

Title : Multidimensional Image Compression

Author(s): M. S. Narayanan 

Title : Medical Image Fusion Using Redundant Wavelet Based   ICA Co-Variance Analysis

Author(s): Rajveer Kaur1, Er. Gurpreet Kaur2


Title : A Novel Fuzzy Based Single Switch Converter For High Speed Srm Drive Applications

Author(s): G. Siva Kumar, B. Raja Sekhar 

Title : Improving the Security of Workflow-based System using Multiple XML Digital Signature

Author(s): Mayuri Anil Jain1, Prof. Uday Joshi2

Title : Comparison of Improved Routing Protocol (IPL_AOMDV) and Existing  Routing Protocol (PL_AOMDV) For Wireless Ad-hoc Network

Author(s): Gurpreet Kaur, Naveen Kumari


Title : FRDMS For Fuzzy Querying Based On GEFRED Model

Author(s): Annu Rani1 , Sandeep Jaglan2 

Title : Comparison of AOMDV With and Without Black Hole Attack

Author(s): Ritika Sharma1 , Bhawna Singla2


Title : Development and Characterization of Hybrid Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites based on Poly- propylene Resin

Author(s): G.M Neeha1, E.Srikanth2 

Title : Public Sentiment Interpretation On Twitter - A Survey

Author(s): R.Urega1, Dr.M.Devapriya2

Title : Confined Decentralize Cloud Storage Using Authentic Access Contol Scheme

Author(s): Ms.C.Bindu #1, Mrs.G.Nalini *2,


Title : Study of Growing Grapes Technique for Malware Detection 

Author(s): Mr. Bhushan Kinholkar

Title : Stochastic Analysis Of The LMS And NLMS Algorithms For Cyclostationary White Gaussian Inputs 

Author(s): S.Amarnath Reddy1, G.Amjad Khan2


Title : A study on Task Scheduling Algorithms in Grids 

Author(s): W.Viyakulamary1, T.Kokilavani2, 

Title : A Review on Energy Efficient Clustering Techniques in WSN 

Author(s): Amanjot  kaur1*, Navreet Kaurand Ap Diviya Bharti3

Title : A Data mining model for Customer Relationship Management -A Review 

Author(s): Rekha K S


Title : Component-Based: The Right Candidate for Restructuring the Nature of Software Development in Organizations 

Author(s): Badamasi Imam Ya’u 

Title : The Role of Informatics in Cancer Personalized Medicine 

Author(s): Badamasi Imam Ya’u


Title : Implementation Of I2c Multi Task And Multi Slave Bus Controller Using Verilog 

Author(s): Shaik.Fazil Ahmed Y.Murali,,M.Tech 

Title : Implementation of mobile crowd network for equalized distribution of work processing 

Author(s): Vandana Sahu#1, Prof. Santosh Tamboli*2

Title : Reconfigurable Modified Viterbi Decoder For A WiFi Receiver 

Author(s): Y.Radhika, G.Mukesh,M.Tech


Title : Power-Management Strategies for a Grid-Connected PV-FC Hybrid System

Author(s): Sk.Riyaz1, K.Sathish Kumar 2 M.Tech, 

Title : An RTOS Architecture for Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Stacks with Multi-Processor Support

Author(s): 1D.saritha, 2R.Prashanthi M.Tech


Title : Implementation of Interface between AXI  and DDR3 memory Controller for SoC

Author(s): 1 Onteru Sreenath, 2Syed kareemsaheb Associate Prof. 

Title : Detecting Phishing Websites Based On Improved Visual Cryptography

Author(s): Reshma Ramdas T


Title : Handful Trends in the Banking Security

Author(s): Deepa Malviya 

Title : Hyperspectral Image Denoising with a Spatial – Spectral View Fusion Strategy.

Author(s): Princee Parul1, Rakesh Gandhi2

Title : Analysis of Star, Tree and Mesh Optical Network Topologies for successive distance between nodes Using Optimized Raman-EDFA Hybrid Optical Amplifier

Author(s): Rajpreet Singh1, Dr. Sanjeev Dewra2


Title : Potential based similarity metrics for implementing hierarchical clustering

Author(s): M.K.V.Anvesh#1, Dr. B. Prajna#2 

Title : A Review on HTTP Streaming Strategies in Media Streaming

Author(s): Hina Rani1*, Er.khushboo Bansal2

Title : A Review: Image enhancement approaches using Histogram Equalization    

Author(s): Lalit1, Ankur Gupta2


Title : Performance Evaluation of Secure tunnel technique using IPv6 Transition over IPv4 Channel  

Author(s): [1]Kamna Chauhan, [2] Pooja Jain 

Title : An E-commerce Feedback Comment Mining Using SentiWordNet Tool and K-Means Clustering Method 

Author(s): Tinku Varghese1, Subha Sreekumar2 

Title : C Source Code Auto Review Tool for Secure Programming of Indian Spacecraft Ground Software Elements, GEOSCHEMACS

Author(s): K.V.Maruthi Prasad1, J.Krishna Kishore2


Title : Improving Playfair Algorithm To Support User Verification And All The Languages In The World Including Kurdish Language

Author(s): Omed Hassan Ahmed, Aram Mahmood Ahmed, Sarkar Hasan Ahmed 

Title : Opportunities and Challenges of Quality-Assured contributions of  Life Cycle Data Network for Web-shared Publication.

Author(s): 1Lalkrishna, 2 Bhupendra kumar, 3 Dr. Ganesh Prasad, 4Manoj Yadav & 5Madhuresh Kumar


Title : Robust Utkin’s Observer Based Controller for Deregulated Hydro-Thermal LFC Problem.

Author(s): L.Shanmukha Rao, N.V.Ramana 



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