Title : Evaluating effectiveness of BIM application in Construction Projects

Author(s):S. M. Dodia1 and S. Hariharan2

Title : Design of a Sun Tracker with Position Display

Author(s): Anindita Sinha1, Moushumi Das2, Jayashree Singha3


Title :Secure M-commerce Business over Global System For mobile communications (GSM)

Author(s): Amanze Bethran Chibuike


Title : An Improved Energy Efficient  Scheme for  Scheduling Mobile Sensors in a Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks with Obstacle  Avoidance

Author(s): Diana P Varghese1, Vinodh P Vijayan2


Title : E-Payment: Prospects, Challenges and Solutions in KRG Public Sector

Author(s): Adulsalam Abdulla1, Ako Abubakr2, Mazen Ismaeel3, Hoger Mahmud4

Title : An Audio Multiple Shuffle Encryption Algorithm

Author(s): Mansi1,Mrs Raman Chawla2    


Title : Sheltered Security for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Stoical Traffic Pattern Systems

Author(s): Hemalatha Duraivel, A.Safia Parvin

Title : A Wavelet Based Image Restoration for MR images

Author(s): Jyoti  S. Gadakh1, Prof. P.R.Thorat2


Title : Query Response Ranking by Temporal Diversity using User Sessions as Feedbacks

Author(s): Divya Seelam1, B.Hanmanthu2, B.Ragu Ram3


Title : Analysis of Non-coherent Receivers for Suppression of NBI in UWB Communication System

Author(s): Snehal A. Chandankhede,  Prof.Varsha Bobade


Title : SIM300 GSM Module Controller For Smart Home 

Author(s): Nnakwuzie, Doris Nkechi, Akobundu, Chinyere Ihuoma, Onah, M. U.

Title : Wireless Sensor Network Optimization 

Author(s): Dinesh kumar, Prabhjot singh sandhu. 

Title : Apriori Algorithm base Model of Opinion Mining for Drug Review

Author(s): M.Alekhya1, B.Raghu Ram2, B.Hanmanthu3

Title : Toward Data Protection laws and code of conduct in Kurdistan region government

Author(s): Mazen Ismaeel Ghareb1

Title : Optimized Approach for Authentication In Audio Signal By Wavelet Packets Transformation Technique

Author(s): Kuruva Gowthami1 Dr. N. Ramamurthy2


Title : A Survey on Parallel Method for Rough Set using MapReduce Technique for Data Mining

Author(s): Ms.Suruchi V.Nandgaonkar, Prof.A.B.Raut


Title : Automating the test case generation for Object Oriented Systems using Activity Diagrams

Author(s): Rajvir Singh1, Preeti2


Title : Performance comparison between single & couple rectangular tank system using NNPID controller

Author(s): Srijan Banerjee

Title : Classification of Breast Mass classification - CAD System with Performance Evaluation

Author(s): Dr. S. Mohan Kumar, Dr G. Balakrishnan

Title : Computer Aided Detection of Diabetes Retinopathy and Analysis through ANFIS and Optimtool

Author(s): Thokala Nirosha1, Kunjam Nageswara Rao2, G Sita Ratnam3


Title : An Incremental Shared Nearest Neighbour Clustering Approach For Numerical Data Using An Efficient Distance Measure

Author(s): B. Naveena Bai1, Dr. A. Mary Sowjanya2


Title : Analysis of Non-Melanoma Skin Lesions Using Curve Let based Texture Analysis on Probabilistic Neural Network Classifier

Author(s): P.Sravani1 S.Vyshali2


Title : Design of High Performance Shared Buffer NoC Router

Author(s): B.S.L.K.Anusha1, K.S.N.Raju2


Title : Optimized Multi scale Similarity Approach for Images Based on Single Image Super Resolution Framework

Author(s): Syeda Ayesha Farheen, A. Pugazhenthi


Title : Arm Based Human Machine Interface Of Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding System

Author(s): 1K.Priyanka, 2K.Dhanunjaya  M.Tech


Title : Security Enhancement of 4G LTE system using PGP and Iterative RSA technique

Author(s): Shivali Kanwal, Parvinder Singh


Title : RFID Tag Enabling Wireless Sensor Networks Data Acquisition System By Using Embedded Linux

Author(s): Sk.Sohail Naqui1, G.Mukesh2


Title : Document Clustering and Automatic Labeling for Forensic Analysis Using High Performance Clustering Algorithm

Author(s): Asmita V. Mane,1,  Prof. Gitanjali Shinde2


Title : Devnagari Sign Language Recognition using Image Processing for Hearing Impaired Indian Students.

Author(s): Prof. C. M. Jadhav 1, Mr.Shitalkumar B.Sagare 2


Title : Efficient Recognition Of Survival Rate In Bone Marrow Records Using Non-Matrix Factorization Algorithm

Author(s): S.Vinothini1, S.C.Punitha2. 

Title : A Web Based Fuzzy Expert System for Human Disease Diagnosis

Author(s): Ms. Kalyani Baghel, Mr. Neeraj Mehta

Title : Performance Evaluation of PAPR Reduction in OFDM System Using Non Linear Companding Transform 

Author(s): P.Chaitanya, Ch.Rajendra Prasad

Title : Hyperspectral Image Denoising with a Spatial– Spectral View Fusion Strategy.

Author(s): Princee Parul1, Rakesh Gandhi2

Title : Use Of precast SIFCON Laminates For Strengthening of RC Beams

Author(s): Mr. Yogesh N. Dhamak1 Prof. Madhukar R. Wakchaure2

Title : Controller Design for a Two-loop Missile Autopilot in Pitch Plane

Author(s): Srijan Banerjee1, Debolina Bhattacharjee2, Souma Banerjee3

Title : Analytical Approach For Privacy Protection By Palm Print Mechanism Using Wavelet Transformation

Author(s): Nalli Venkata Prasanth1 K.Jhansirani2 

Title : Evaluation Of Dual Fingerprint Approach For Privacy Protention

Author(s): Setty Shireesha1 E. G. Sreedhar Kumar2

Title : Optimized Papr Reduction Approach By Piece Wise Linear Companding Framework With Less Companding Distortion

Author(s): Greeshma T1 E. Upendranath Goud2

Title : Management of Packet Queues in Buffer using Proactive Protocol 

Author(s): Priyanka Saini (MTech Student), Dr. Supreet Kaur (Assistant Professor)

Title : Optimized Analytical Approach For Wireless Sensory Nodes Based On Low Power DSP Architecture

Author(s): R. Sandhya (Pg Scholar) 1 B.Sanjai Prasada Rao Associate Professor2


Title : Analytical Approach For Enhanced Residue Modular Multiplier For Cryptography

Author(s): Afshan Fathima (Pg Scholar) 1 B.Sanjai Prasada Rao Associate Professor2

Title : A Novel BER Analytical Performance Of DWT Based OFDM Using Various Channel Over DFT Based OFDM 

Author(s): Veeranarayanareddy C (Pg Scholar) 1 K Prabhakar Assistant Professor M.Tech2 

Title : Optimized Reserving Room Approach For Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm Before Encryption On Encrypted Digital Images

Author(s): C. Vara Lakshmi 1 B.Geetha Rani2

Title : Impact Of Data Mining Techniques In Medical System

Author(s): 1Reema Arora, 2Sandeep jaglan 

Title : Survey On Verification Of Storage Correctness In Cloud Computing

Author(s):Jeevitha M1, Chandrasekar A2, Karthik S3

Title : An Overview of Multi-Microcontroller Bus Synchronization for Simultaneous Operation of the Microcontrollers

Author(s): Anoop Kumar Vishwakarma1, Neerja Singh2

Title : A Study Of Multi Level Heterogeneous Routing Protocols In WSN

Author(s): Pankaj Sapra1, Varsha2

Title : Analytical Approach For Evaluating Performance Of An Interference Alignment Based Precoding In Mimo-Ofdm System

Author(s): Patil Meenakshi1 S. Siva Reddy2

Title : A Genetic Algorithm Based K-Means Algorithm For Compressing Images

Author(s): M.Mary Shanthi Rani

Title : Optimized Blind Data Extraction Approach Based On SS Technique

Author(s): J Srinivasa Naik 1 Smt K Ramadevi2

Title : A Study On Association Rule Mining

Author(s): S.Venkata Krishna KumarP.Kiruthika2

Title : A Transformation from Relational Databases to Big Data

Author(s): Shraddha Agarwal1, Maddipatla Krishna Priyusha2

Title : Extension to Alpha Algorithm for Process Mining

Author(s): Anoopam Banerjee1, Preeti Gupta2 

Title : Multiple Antenna Adaptation for Secondary Users Using Data Rate Assessment

Author(s): Bipandeep Kaur1, Ruchi Singla2

Title : Multi-criteria Decision making for Identifying Top-k profitable Stocks from Stock market

Author(s): Yara Srinivas#1, Dr. A. Mary Sowjanya#2 

Title : A Comparative Study: Image Steganography and Watermarking

Author(s): Kamred Udham Singh1, Achintya Singhal2 

Title : Study & Analysis of Intention of a BDI Agent and its Performance 

Author(s): Vishwanath Y1, Dr M V Vijaya Kumar 2

Title : Approaches in the fields of the Code Optimization

Author(s): Neeta Malviya1, Dr. Ajay Khunteta2 

Title : Digital Watermarking Algorithms: A Review

Author(s): Achintya Singhal1, Kamred Udham Singh2

Title : A Platform Independent Log Analyzer with Searched Keywords Reporting Feature

Author(s): Krishna Kumar Lahoti1, Jitendra Kumawat2, Preeti Gupta3

Title :Comparative Analysis of performance of K-means algorithm for skin detection using wearable Sensors

Author(s): Anshul Sharma1, Varun Sharma2, Anil Saroliya3 

Title : Approximate Processing of Queries in P2P Networks

Author(s): Suraj N. Arya1, Rajesh V. Argiddi2 

Title : Interacting Device for Deaf & Dumb using Atmega 328 Processor

Author(s): Abhijeet Sondhi, Paresh Kasa, Kuldeep Solanki

Title : WSN Practical adaptations

Author(s): Ritika Sobti, Neha Bassi, 

Title : Rasp-Pi based Remote Controlled Smart Advertising of Still and Moving Images 

Author(s): Umakant B. Gohatre 1Mr. Vijay D. Chaudhari2Dr. K. P. Rane3

Title : Design & Analysis of Performance of Semantic based approach for Knowledge Extraction in Web mining Environment

Author(s): Vipra Dave 1, Ms. Pooja Parnami 2, Mrs. Shweta Sharma 3

Title : Comparative Analysis of Performance of Various Virtual Machines in Hybrid Cloud Environment using KVM

Author(s): Anjali Asawa1, Anil Saroliya2, Varun Sharma3 

Title : Utilization Of Renewable Energy Resource Pva With Parallel Current Sharing Dc-Dc Booster Converters

Author(s): P.Kiran Kumar1, M.Vamsi Krishna 2 M.Tech 

Title :  High-Efficiency Isolated Bidirectional Ac Dc Converter For A Dc Distribution System

Author(s): B.Krishnakanth 1, P.Siva Krishna 2 M.Tech 

Title :  Performance evaluation of CI engine with Rice bran and Pungamia oil-Diesel blends as Alternative fuel.

Author(s): M.Ganapathy 

Title : Improving The Performance Of Dc Motor Drive Application For Dc-Dc Converter By Using Resistance Compression Network

Author(s): B. Umamaheswara Rao1, P.Siva Krishna 2 M.Tech

Title : A Brief Review of Defogging Techniques for Haze Affected Images  

Author(s): Navjot Kaur, Dr. Lalita Bhutani

Title : Detection and Localization of Multiple Spoofing Attackers in Wireless Networks

Author(s): P.Venkteswarlu#1, Smt. S. Jhansi Rani#2 

Title : FPGA Implementation of Double Precision Floating Point Arithmetic Unit

Author(s): Prabhjot Kaur1, Ankur Sharma2, Raminder Preet Pal Singh3 

Title : Energy Efficient AODV routing protocol For Mobile Ad-hoc Network

Author(s): Jaspreet Singh1, Kartik Sharma2 

Title : Client Identification Model for GPS-based On-demand Real-Time Video Surveillance Security System

Author(s): Nwokolo Chinyere. P.1 Inyiama H.C.2 

Title : Comparative Performance Analysis of KNN (K-Nearest Neighbor) algorithm for Fatigue Detection in vehicular Drivers using pulse oximetry signal

Author(s):  Amit Chauhan1, Anil Saroliya2, Varun Sharma3 



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